uv printing NC-UV9060
uv printing NC-UV9060
uv printing NC-UV9060
uv printing NC-UV9060
uv printing NC-UV9060

uv printing NC-UV9060

Major Advantages

  • 1.The chassis of the aluminum alloy mold opening and assembly molding machine is aligned by a CNC milling machine, and the machining accuracy of the guide rail surface is controlled within 0.02mm. Its materials are solid, not easy to deform, and has high stability.
  • 2.With 3 types of high-precision, durable original imported print heads, 8 colors + white + varnish printing, and high-saturation color presentation to meet users’ high-quality printing requirements.
  • 3.It with the 180m maximum printing height, 900*600mm plate table, which meet the printing requirement of the ±180mm thickness 3D products.
  • 4.New visual recognition system with precise positioning function,High definition camera scanning, precise recognition of material contours and textures, integration of visual software system, changing the interaction history of multiple software sets, easy and convenient operation.
  • 5.The left and right stretching design of the operation panel avoids operational errors caused by the plate table which will block the panel during machine operation, improving the user experience.


Print head Nozzle spray force range Print size
Epson I3200-U1*1White/ Epson I3200-U1HD*1Corlor /Epson I1600-U1*1Vanish 2-12mm 900mm*600mm
Print height Print version Print mode
0-180mm White and color and varnish print at same time CMYKLcLmLkLlk+W+V
Print resolution Printer dimension N.W.
720*600dpi / 720*900dpi / 720*1200dpi 1998mm*1298mm*787mm 250KG
Packing size G.W. Rip software
2160mm*1460mm*1000mm 450KG FlexiPRINT MiniServer 22 Nocai Edition
Print speed Graphic format Connection method
1.43sqm/h-7.40sqm Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI cable
Power rated power Working environment
AC220/110V±10,50HZ~60HZ / Temperature:20℃-28℃ Humidity:35%-65%
operating conditions Ink type Machine bases need to be self-provided
Avoid dusty environments,Avoid direct sunlight Environmentally friendly UV curing ink 1400mm*750mm*550mm


Fifteen years of factory craftsmanship, equipped with the upgraded visual recognition and positioning function, solving products positioning problems easily;With 8 colors + white + varnish high-quality photo-level color screen printing and supports 2-12 mm height concave and convex surface printing;Striving for excellence in workmanship, integrating stability, convenience, speed and quality;

uv printing NC-UV9060





    uv printing NC-UV9060
    uv printing NC-UV9060

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