Why Does Color Difference Appear After UV Printing?

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  • 2018-10-24
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When using Nocai uv printers, there are sometimes deviations between the printed patterns and the colors made by designers. The result of printing is not ideal. So, what are the reasons for the color difference in UV printing?

1. Printing picture problem:

Before using the uv color printer to print the pattern for the product, the operator needs to process the pattern to be printed first, and then start printing until the effect desired by the customer is achieved. However, if we are in the process of image processing, the color of the pattern is damaged due to processing errors, and the printed effect will be very different from the actual required effect.

First of all: The computer monitor will visually see different colors due to the parameters set by different brands, models and individual color values. Second, pay attention to whether the color of the picture on the design manuscript is RGB or CMYK; please do not use four-color black or four-color gray, which may cause serious color difference after printing. Third, pay attention to the curve set by the software on the computer and the value of the set parameters; Fourth, avoid using special colors. If the pictures are materials purchased or provided elsewhere, be careful to find description files with special colors, otherwise it is easy to cause the overall printing color to change color, and the resulting color difference is the overall comprehensive chromatic aberration.

Therefore, before printing, the flat bed printer operator should conduct a sample test until the desired effect is achieved, and then carry out the formal printing. This not only saves materials, but also prints products that satisfy customers in a short time.

2. Ink problem

The quality of printing ink is the key to directly reflect the effect. If the quality of the ink used by the uv jet printer is too poor, it will be difficult to print the effect required by the customer. Due to the different proportions of pigment components in some inks, or the ink in the ink cartridges has color smearing, the printed pattern will appear color cast.

3. The influence of UV printing environmental factors

Environmental factors will also affect the difference in printing color, including printing time, uv ink quality, temperature, humidity, material characteristics, etc., as well as factors that cannot be controlled by humans, which will lead to the appearance of color difference.

4. The problem of uv colour printer itself

What is a uv printer used for ? The parts of the uv printer will have a service life, and they must be replaced in time beyond the service life. Otherwise, there will be problems with the accuracy of the nozzle, the supply of ink, etc., which will further affect the quality of image printing; at the same time, the stability of the machine itself also determines Many problems, just like the machines provided by NoCai, the source factory is strong, the quality is guaranteed and it is trustworthy.

5. The influence of material properties

Printing materials can also affect chromatic aberration. Each material has different characteristics such as background color and ink absorption. If you can master the characteristics of the material, it will be easier to use colors when designing. In addition to the above reasons, Printing uv machine operator itself is also an important factor. Only the product effect printed by the excellent and attentive UV printer operator can better meet the needs of customers.

Well, the above is the whole content. If you have any questions or want to know more information, you are welcome to leave a message and communicate. For more information on flatbed color printer, please pay attention to NoCai – the manufacturer of best uv led printer, UV updated weekly flatbed printer content.

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    Why Does Color Difference Appear After UV Printing?
    Why Does Color Difference Appear After UV Printing?

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