Who Is The UV Printer Machine Not Suitable For

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  • 2018-10-30
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Situation of the whole uv pringting machine industry

Chinese UV printer industry belongs to a small branch in the field of civilian short-run printing. There is no large-scale scientific research institutions and funds to enter, resulting in slow technological development of the entire industry and no leap-forward development. Therefore, it is not as mature and stable as printers, copiers, and screen printers, and the technology gap across the industry is huge.

In fact, the number of manufacturers in the entire industry is also very large, and there are all kinds of pits. If you search on the Internet, you can see feedback from many users. Either there is a problem here, or the manufacturer does not provide after-sales service, or it is not good in usage. Obviously, it is impossible for every user to have specialized knowledge to distinguish UV printing expertise or some common sense. Then we will analyze in turn, who is not suitable for use, and everyone can properly avoid pits !

1. Handle With The Orders Blindly

The higher the frequency of using the nozzle of the uv printer, the less the problem. Conversely, the less you use it, the more problems there are. Daily start-up and post-press machine maintenance is a necessary process. In the absence of certain orders, customers blindly bought machines, thinking that the company’s operations could be supported by the occasional influx of orders. This is impossible and will only result in unprofitable and continuous losses. 

2. Seek To Get Unreasonable Prices

Nocai printer flatbed uv machine is a kind of professional industrial equipment, not everyone can control it properly, even skilled and experienced manufacturers cannot guarantee that they can completely solve the problem. But many users will be blind when buying multifunction uv printers. Many small companies tend to use refurbished parts, low-standard and inferior parts as substitutes, and the uv printers price is lower than the market price. The cost will be more expensive than buying a new machine.

3. Patience and Learning Ability Deprivation

In practice, even if the manufacturer has taught the mastered technology to customers in a short period of time through oral, video, teaching materials, practical training, etc., it is easy for people to forget what they have learned. In practice, these knowledge must be used in cross-combination, so that the actual hands-on ability of most customers is even more insufficient. Therefore, most of the various problems that occur in actual printing are often very simple. Users can solve them immediately at the time, but they need to contact the manufacturer. The delay in the middle causes production suspension, which affects the timeliness and speed of orders.

Therefore, if you lack patience and do not take the initiative to learn and master machine knowledge and skills, you will always hope that the manufacturer will send technicians to come to the door for maintenance. Not only the loss caused by the shutdown is huge, but also the technical level can never be improved. Well, the above is the whole content. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message to communicate. For more information on UV flex printing machine and printer machine price, please pay attention to Nocai – 3d uv printing machine manufacturer, Weekly updated our flatbed 3d printer content.

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    Who Is The UV Printer Machine Not Suitable For
    Who Is The UV Printer Machine Not Suitable For

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