Factors Determine The Quality of Printing By UV Printer Machine

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  • 2018-10-17
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What kind of UV printer is used to print the best ? I believe that many guys will have this question before buying a machine. Today we will briefly discuss and analyze this problem:

Three main factors : the printed image, the printed material, and the printed ink dots.

1. The printed image. Why are some operators very distressed that the original edited image is very bright without changing the original design of the computer, but the printed image is indeed dark? The reason may lie in the curve (named ICC) of the image. In general, the function of the curve is to specially adjust the proportion of the color, and the printed pattern needs to be restored according to a strict proportion. That is to say, even if you do not modify the accuracy and PASS of the original image,However, if the depth of the curve is not set, the image in the computer cannot be printed with the original copy of the uv printer.

2. The printed material. It is easy to understand that the effect of printing is necessarily related to the material of printing, that is, the substrate. For example, the hardness, gloss, and flatness of the material will affect the final imaging effect of the UV tumbler printer. The problem of the depth of the color before and after the output is also very common, and the adsorption effect of the material on the ink, just like the speed and diffusion of the brush after writing on different paper. Therefore, different material will have different printing effect, we have to test it and find out the printing effect you wanted before production.

3. Printed ink dots. Ink volume control is an essential skill for a print operator. And the nozzle of the equipment itself also plays an important role. Like the nozzle of the uv printer provided by Nocai, we have repeatedly tested the configuration of the desktop flatbed printer according to the characteristics of the nozzle, so that the state of the nozzle can achieve the most ideal printing effect. Therefore, Not only can achieve high precision, but also can have good printing effect and clear ink dots. Because after the technology and experience of the printing operation are well controlled, the nozzle plays an important role.

In addition to the original machine needs to be carefully selected, the printing effect is closely related to the quality of the image, the material of the substrate, the quality of the nozzle and the output ink dots. It takes time and continuous running-in by the operator to achieve for the best printing results. Therefore, everyone does not need to be overly persistent and worried about the printing effect, but seek channels that can be optimized from various aspects. Just like Nocai’s machine, it has undergone iterative replacement. Each update is fully listening to the wishes of the public, and the adjustments made. What we want to do is to provide you with better equipment.

Nocai mission keeps struggling for promoting the development of digital printing industry. Well, the above is all the content, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message to communicate. For more information on uv tumbler printer, please pay attention to Nocai – the manufacturer of desktop flatbed printer and uv printer for tumblers, and update the content of UV flatbed printer every week.

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    Factors Determine The Quality of Printing By UV Printer Machine
    Factors Determine The Quality of Printing By UV Printer Machine

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