Why Does UV Printer Print Out Like Stripes ?

  • By:Nocai
  • 2022-01-21
  • 25

For a long time, many customers in the process of using uv digital printing machine may cause a lot of stripes in the effect printed by UV flatbed printer due to the error of operation, what’s the reason? In that case, many customers will be at a loss, can only wait for after-sales staff to check and repair. As a digital flatbed printer manufacturers, Nuocai has dealt with a lot of problems in this area, and we are all brainstorming. Here are a few methods for you to learn and refer to.

First we need to find out the reason:

1.Check whether the test strip has broken needle, floating ink or oblique spray phenomenon.

2. Check whether the printer driver setting is feathered low or feathered off.