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UV Flatbed Printer

Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Products Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009, the company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on small high-end UV printers integrating independent design and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Nuocai UV flatbed printers and cylindrical printers have been widely used in advertising signs, cosmetics, toys, water cups, luggage and leather goods, cultural creativity and gift customization printing field. The products are sold in domestic and oversea markets. Nuocai has been cooperated with many well-known companies around the world and has had CE, ISO-9001:2015 and other international certifications.

Nuocai develops steadily and continuously with increasing research and development efforts and has won 6 high-tech products in Guangdong Province; more than 20 national patents, including 6 design patents, 7 invention patents, and 8 utility model patents. The "new digital printing machine" developed by the company was recognized as "Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievements" by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee.

Advantages of NOCAI UV flatbed printer

Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Products Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to Nuocai) was established in 2005 and has been known as the expert in small format uv printer filed. Nuocai is the first manufacturer who designed and produced 0406 & 0609 format uv flatbed printer, and focus on small format ones which ensure the quality and stability of its uv inkjet printer. What’s more, Nuocai offers the professional and on time service to clients. These are how we could serve our clients well, not only the end user, but also the business partners all over the world. 

  • Definition of UV flatbed printer and UV inkjet printer
    UV inkjet printers are also known as UV-curable inkjet printers. They use LED chips as light emitters. The LED chip is an indispensable core component in the UV curing setting of the UV inkjet printer. Because the LED chip is a cold light source, compared to the traditional mercury lamp, the UV inkjet printer using the LED chip fundamentally solves the UV mercury lamp inkjet. The printer has the disadvantages of high cost and high heat generation. The UV flatbed printer is also called a universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, which is the product features of UV flatbed inkjet printer. It breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realizes a single printing, no plate making, and full-color image printing in a true sense. It has many advantages over traditional printing processes. The original design and manufacture were mainly used for inkjet printing of hard materials. It broke through the limitation that inkjet technology can only print on soft materials. It was a major breakthrough in the history of inkjet technology, marking the advancement of inkjet technology into multiple the birth of the domain era.
    With the increasing popularity of UV inkjet, its application field has been unprecedentedly expanded. For example, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and GIS (Geographic Information System) fields that require high accuracy and speed, automobile body advertising, shelter advertising, subway station advertising, elevator advertising, high column advertising, three-sided advertisement, wall advertising, Rooftop advertising, neon lights, LED display and other new outdoor media, studio huge photos, including the traditional printing industry, also widely use large-format UV inkjet method for color proofing, and can even provide screen printing users with large-format UV inkjet film-making Service, this plate making method integrates digital proofing, bright room production, direct plate making, and color inkjet printing. It has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low investment, high return and so on.
    UV flatbed printers are more commonly used in POP display boards, rigid signs, and professional markets. POP display boards are one of the most important applications of wide format images, including digital inkjet printing and printing or screen printing, which account for 42% of the wide-format market. The UV ink is directly printed on hard boards, such as KT board, acrylic board, Plexiglas board, etc., which reduces the trouble of coating, fading and foaming, and saves a lot of labor. The production of hard signage is very similar to POP, and it is also a beneficiary of flatbed printers. Flatbed printers using UV inks can be directly sprayed onto the final signage materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. Compared with the traditional method: inkjet printing or printing on the adhesive-backed film material and then pasting it, not only reduce the process, reduce costs, but also increase the degree of firmness. The last application area is the professional market, or the personalized market. Toilet cover inkjet printing belongs to this market, and other potential opportunities are glass, ceramics, wooden boards, and even furniture. In general: we should first aim at the low-efficiency, low-throughput manual or semi-automatic screen printing market. Flatbed printers are more suitable for small batches of personalized production, and the cost of traditional production is high, especially A high raw material inventory cost.
    If there are thousands of flatbed printers installed worldwide, it is obvious that flatbed printers have a quantifiable and growing market. In the not-too-distant future, because the production capacity of the manufacturers cannot meet the market demand, many customers will wait a long time after placing orders. Based on this optimistic understanding of the flatbed printer market, in the future, flatbed printers will be ubiquitous and more popular than inkjet systems.
    What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers?
    Buying UV flatbed printers in the advertising industry has been a topic of discussion for bosses. Since UV ink can be directly printed on various materials, and most of the inks are environmentally friendly, it can completely replace traditional outdoor advertising spray equipment and indoor photo shooting, and can be widely used.
    Used in the field of indoor home decoration.
    The main applications of brother, canon, epson and jetrix, fuji's UV inkjet printers include signboards, signboards, advertising, display boards, signboards, acrylic light boxes, PVC lightboxes and high-end gifts. From large to large signboards, large advertising displays, outdoor paintings, small to business cards, advertising gifts, medals, medals, cards, badges, etc., the industry is widely used.
    UV Flatbed Printer-2030
    What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers?
    1. Green and environmental protection
    No water, no sewage, UV flatbed printer is controlled by computer, inkjet printing is on-demand, neither waste nor wastewater, no noise during printing, and pollution-free green production process.
    2. Wide application
    UV inkjet printer flat spray printing materials are very wide, flexible media such as reflective film, linoleum, carpet, leather and other hard media, such as glass, wooden handicraft racks, ceilings, aluminum panels, wood panels, door panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass panels, Chevron Board, corrugated cardboard, plastic board, resin board, gypsum board, etc. UCTS case media, such as music player cases, cameras, etc. The shell, Bluetooth headset shell, mobile phone shell, refrigerator shell, laptop shell, etc. can be painted. And brands of uv flatbed printer like brother, canon, epson, jetrix, fuji, roland, hp, canon, hp, epson uv inkjet printer have all these applications.
    Under normal circumstances, the full-color image of roland, hp, canon, hp, epson uv flatbed printer is completed at one time, and gradually changes the color to fully achieve the photographic effect, accurate positioning, saving a lot of manpower and resources, and realizing true plateless printing. The cost of veneer production is consistent with the cost of mass production. Customers can also complete short and medium-term work in a cost-effective manner, helping companies increase business opportunities and profits.
    4.Advanced technology
    How to choose a desktop uv flatbed printer?
    In recent years, desktop uv flatbed printer in the home decoration industry has been widely used, which uv flatbed printer for wood processing, also greatly increased the added value of wood, loved by people. You can see that the future desktop uv inkjet printers is a good one, so what should I pay attention to when buying uv inkjet printers?
    1. Overall structure
    Everybody knows that boards, especially some solid boards, weigh a lot. Printing on the desktop uv inkjet printers platform is undoubtedly a challenge to the desktop uv inkjet printers platform. If the bearing capacity of the platform is poor, then a long downtime will inevitably result in a certain amount of pressure and deformation, making it difficult for the vehicle to print smoothly. Therefore, in the choice to buy the desktop uv inkjet printers, should choose the high-quality steel casting frame steel beam, so that the stiffness of the whole frame can meet the requirements of the industrial-grade, and can easily handle a variety of heavy materials.
    The frame is made of specially customized steel. Through high hardening and internal and external anti-rust treatment, the thickness of the tube wall reached 5mm, and through various failure tests and long-time tests to verify. Forklift loading and unloading and long-distance transportation of deformation-resistant structure design, strength, precision, stability are the leading level of the industry.
    2. Stability and wear resistance
    Home decoration and decorative board often contact with the outside world, which on the ink friction resistance, water resistance, etc. Think of that house that was so hard decorated that it was impossible to fade the patterns on the floor or the background walls and had to be redone. Therefore, first of all, UV block printing machine UV curing effect is better. High-power LED curing can make ink curing quickly, avoid contact with dust and other factors, affect the hardness.
    3.Green ink
    Board installation in the indoor, general air circulation, so safe and environmentally friendly UV ink is essential. When we choose to buy a desktop UV flatbed printer, we must be aware of the manufacturer's choice of ink, the minimum standard for green non-voc ink. It is also in line with international environmental standards.
    4. After-sales service
    Buy desktop uv flatbed printer, must choose a good reputation, the strength of the manufacturers, can provide fast and professional after-sales service throughout the country, the first time for you to solve all kinds of machine failure, to ensure that you continue to produce efficiently.
    The wide application cases of industrial uv flatbed printers
    What are the advantages of industrial uv flatbed printers? Whether in the advertising industry, metal industry, tile background wall industry or other flat material industry, industrial inkjet printers uv led have become more and more popular. Its many advantages are gradually recognized by the market, and more and more customers are beginning to understand and use it more deeply. In order to give you a better understanding of industrial uv inkjet printers, Beckham below will introduce its advantages in depth.
    UV flatbed printer application case
    1. Wide range of printing materials for industrial uv flatbed printers
    UV flatbed printer is called flatbed printer because it is a machine that can print. As long as it is a flat material, no matter what industry you are in, as long as your material is flat, then the flatbed printer must be Suitable for you to print. At the same time, the machine can print different materials at the same time, so your printing materials are no longer restricted.
    2.Low cost of industrial uv inkjet printer printing
    We all know that UV flatbed printers do not need to do screen printing, and do not need screen printing costs, reducing time and printing materials, and reducing labor costs. As a result, both labor costs and raw material costs have been greatly reduced. At the same time, the printing cost of the industrial inkjet printers uv led itself is very low. The full-frame material averages 5 yuan per square meter.
    3.Fast printing speed of industrial uv inkjet printer
    UV flatbed printer uses Japan's Ricoh original all-steel industrial-grade print head, and the accuracy, speed, durability and stability have reached world-class levels! Long life, impeccable color recovery, easier nozzle alignment, optimized print performance and speed. After continuous testing, the flatbed printer can print 40 square meters per hour. What is the speed?
    4. Flatbed printer is environmentally friendly and reduces pollution
    No water, no sewage, computer-controlled flatbed printer, inkjet on demand, neither waste nor pollute waste water, and the printing process does not produce noise. Achieve pollution-free green production technology.
    5. Industrial uv inkjet printers are rich in colors and vivid images.
    Traditional screen printing with more than 10 sets of colors is very difficult, and lithography is rich in colors. Whether it is full-color patterns or gradient printing, it is easy to achieve the effect of color photography. Greatly expanded product design space and improved product grade. The prints have fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistry, and strong three-dimensionality. They can print photographic and painting style patterns.
    6. Industrial uv flatbed printers can print relief
    White ink can be used to print embossed images, making color printing patterns come alive, but also giving designers more room to play. More importantly, the printing process is not at all troublesome, just like a home printer, it can be formed at one time. In other words, drying up is unmatched by ordinary production processes.
    The uv flatbed printe price and its manufacturers
    Many people think that since the universal UV flatbed printer is so powerful, the range of application is so wide, and the printing effect is so good, then the price is very expensive, the print quality of the print should not be maintained for too long, and the print quality is not guaranteed. In fact, this is not the case for the uv flatbed printer company.
    Is the uv flatbed printer price high?
    The first problem that leads to the high uv flatbed printer price is usually composed of depreciation, materials and labor of the uv flatbed printer factory. The depreciation of the machine is determined by the investment made when purchasing the printer;
    As inks for materials are now more common in uv inkjet printer factory, prices have gradually decreased. At the same time, printing with UV flatbed printer does not require plate making, which saves plate-making costs.
    UV inkjet printer suppliers are highly automated and can reduce labor costs to a certain extent for the uv inkjet printer factory company. With more and more flatbed printer users and mature technology, the uv inkjet printer price level has dropped, prompting more customers to accept universal UV flatbed printer digital printing.
    Secondly, whether the printed products printed by the universal UV flatbed printer can be retained for a long time. You can try it yourself. UV flatbed printer manufacturers put the prints of traditional inks, electronic inks, and uv flatbed printe wholesale in the sun together. After a few days, if you look again, you will find that the printed products of universal UV flatbed printers are more durable than traditional inks. it is good.
    Finally, it is the print quality of the UV flatbed printer by uv flatbed printer suppliers. Although the quality of machine prints cannot be completely the same as traditional printing due to the structure of the machine and the consumables used, as a whole, with the continuous improvement of imaging systems, the improvement of imaging accuracy and output resolution, With increased tolerance, the universal UV flatbed printers launched by uv inkjet printer suppliers have been able to meet the needs of high-end printing, and are still moving towards higher quality.
    In addition to being able to meet the needs of large markets such as decoration and building materials, uv inkjet printer manufacturers can also meet the market of personalized customization and small crafts, especially in Australia, Canada, India. Nowadays, uv inkjet printer suppliers say the market for small handicrafts is increasing, and the demand for personalization is particularly large among the younger generation.
    The personalized market for UV flatbed printer Australia, Canada, India
    Let uv flatbed printer wholesale give you a simple example, that is, the mobile phone case, from the original single just to protect the mobile phone, to now not only protection, but also the need for beauty, everyone's preferences are different, some people like playful mobile phone cases, some people like elegant Yes, some people like flashy, and some people like simple and clear.
    UV tablet printers made by uv inkjet printer manufacturers can also print more mobile phone case materials, including PC cases, leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, holsters, metal tempered glass cases, soft plastics, velvet, silk and other categories.
    UV flatbed printer for sale is suitable for a wide range of substrates. Whether it is aluminum or acrylic, glass, wood, ceramic tiles, etc., they can be easily grasped. They can be printed on work signs and house numbers as required, and the patterns are printed before printing. They can be replaced at any time, and products with different patterns can be printed at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency. Personalized patterns can be printed on the suitcase, whether it is a smooth surface or an uneven surface, the pattern can be printed.
Usage of UV flatbed printer
The usage of UV flatbed printers highlights the personalization and customization of complex patterns, and it uses UV environmentally friendly inks that are odorless and non-volatile, which determines its superiority. Compared with traditional screen printers and pad printers, the screen is no longer single and printed in multiple forms; there are materials and pictures that can be printed and dried immediately, and there is no need to layout a film screen, which greatly saves Time costs. Here are a few more widely used industries:
Advertising printing industry
Common on the market are acrylic house signage signs, PV panels, KT / Chevron boards, cards, metal signs, and more. Its applications are the most widely used. Generally, the color of the picture of the waiting booth when we go out, the advertising signs on the shopping mall and so on are printed with this UV flatbed printer;
2. Digital electrical products industry
UV flatbed printers are used in the digital electrical industry such as mobile phone casings (PE, PC, TPU, PVC, ABS, tempered film, etc.), mobile power, MP3 / MP4, set-top boxes, mobile hard drives, electrical digital panels, U disks, mini stereos, Mousepads, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers, electronic scales, instruments, etc .;
3. UV flatbed printer for home improvement and building materials industry is used in home improvement and building materials industry. Tile ceramic 3d relief three-dimensional background wall, artistic glass sliding door and screen partition, furniture cabinet closet panel, ceiling decoration, grating plate, framed and frameless decorative painting.Window display boards, bamboo and wood fiberboard backgrounds, leather soft bags and hard bags and so on. 4. Crafts, gift packaging and toy industry
It can be seen everywhere on the various small objects in the commodity market, such as charcoal carvings, wood carvings, jade paintings, ironwares, porcelain, crystal paintings, table decorations, hairpins, cosmetics boxes, combs, eyeglass frames, gifts Boxes, packaging boxes, badges, wine boxes, bottle caps, ancient fans, yoga mats, carpet mats, grating plates and fishing gear, and other UV flatbed printers for printing on hundreds of surfaces; in addition, in the leather luggage industry, In the industrial field (such as circuit boards, electrical panels, PCB circuit boards, educational toys, electronic/electric toys, stationery, plastic/metal / wooden toys and other materials) and other industries, UV flatbed printers are involved.
The development of UV flatbed printers has evolved from small models to large models according to market demand, from A4, A3 and other A series to 3060. The printing size of the UV flatbed printer in the early stage is relatively small, such as A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 6090, 1313, 1328, 1385, 1325, 2513, 2030, etc. At this time, the UV flatbed printer above 2513 can be calculated. Above are large machines, large UV flatbed printers are available in models 2513 and 2030. Developed into the middle and late stages, the UV flatbed printer market demand has increased, and the machine models have become larger and larger. There are 2513, 2030, 3013, 2540, 2835, 2040, 2050, 3050, 2060, 3060 and other models. UVs of different sizes UV flatbed printer inkjet printing machines will definitely have different prices, and printers of the same size vary by region and brand. For example, the price of A3 UV flatbed printers in India and the UK will vary. The most important thing is that you can choose the best quality UV flatbed printer for you.
The best UV flatbed printer in these years
Best UV flatbed printer, as a high-tech full-color digital printer, is not restricted by any material and can be used in T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors and other occasions. Glass, plate, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces are used for color photographic printing. There is no need to complete plate making, beautiful colors, wear resistance, UV resistance, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image speed, fully comply with industrial printing standards.
Due to the development of UV printers, the printing industry's market has quickly seized, and 60% of the market share has been occupied. With the continuous development of the times, people's living standards have been improved, and their demands on life have become higher and higher. The past printing products can no longer meet people's aesthetic needs. The introduction of best uv flatbed printer in 2016 is precisely to fill this gap, so that printed products can win people's love and produce huge benefits. Stimulated by huge benefits, more and more people are devoted to this industry, and more and more people are studying the effects of UV printers, so that UV printer technology is continuously improved and new technologies are continuously applied to UV printers.
In recent years, UV flatbed printers introduced by the best uv flatbed printer market in 2018 have been well received by users for their good performance and wide printing range, and have a good development and survival path in the entire paint industry. This is mainly because UV printing can achieve personalized printing very well, in line with the trend of people's lives, from simple graphic printing quickly to today's personalized customization, not only to achieve simple traditional printing, but also to achieve what you want anything. You can print your favorite pictures to clothes, cups, wallets, glass, tiles, doors and windows, anywhere you can think of. In the field of application, there are also breakthroughs in printing formats. At present, the largest form of Besberway can reach 2.0m × 3.0m. For those with more demanding print formats, industry insiders say they can also customize to meet customer needs.
The development trend of the best uv flatbed printer industry in 2017 is bound to show an upward trend, and it is widely used in various fields from ordinary graphics, advertising printing to packaging, clothing, accessories and so on. Most companies are increasingly leaning towards brands. The use of color printing products is also increasing. At present, simple black and white packaging and posters are rarely seen on the market. Increasing demand has also increased the demand for the best uv flatbed printer in 2018.
Best uv flatbed printer in 2019 are widely used in various industries and have begun to enter the high-end business. At present, the commonly used application industries are: decorative glass industry, home building materials industry, advertising industry, tile decoration industry, etc. The price of individual pattern printing products is 2-3 times that of ordinary products, and the overall profit is considerable. UV printer-related technologies are also constantly being reformed and updated, and under the best conditions, more high-end decoration and other industrial applications have been invested.
At present, most manufacturers have started mass production, such as personalization of mobile phone casings, printing of mobile phone power casings, printing of USB flash memory casings, etc. Best uv flatbed printer 2019 has the advantages of exquisite workmanship, high accuracy, fast speed, and low cost. Into production, many enterprises have started large-scale production.
Looking at the various industries, I believe that best uv flatbed printer will be able to rely on their excellent printing results and wide applications in the market for a long time.
UV flatbed printer comparison and reviews
UV printers are also known as UV flatbed printers and universal printers, which can print a wide range. I believe you have a basic understanding of the functions of flatbed printers. At present, the most well-known in China has been doing it for a long time. If you are buying equipment, there are several methods for you to find out on your own. The specific method is as follows:
Which UV flatbed printer is better in China
1. UV flatbed printer comparison is very important. First learn about the word of mouth of brands and manufacturers by comparison, investigate relevant information, and avoid being deceived.
2. It is a matter of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people to visit the factory. After all, it is not a small amount. It is better to visit the factory in person and rest assured about the uv flatbed printer reviews. It mainly depends on the scale of the factory, service attitude, professional knowledge, and production capacity.
3. Price is not the only criterion. Different manufacturers and models will have different prices. In contrast, you should choose a good after-sales service and guaranteed quality based on uv flatbed printer reviews.
4. Pay attention when signing the contract, including after-sales, maintenance, warranty coverage, accessories, etc., all empty-mouthed without a certificate, white and black written in the contract is the most appropriate.
The first question of choosing a UV universal printer should be considered from the stability of the printer, the choice of the print head, the later maintenance costs (the price of replacing the print head), and after-sales service.
Which brand of UV flatbed printer is good? UV flatbed printer comparison is essential. Be careful about the uv flatbed printer reviews. It is very difficult for users who have just learned about this industry. Main reasons: Some manufacturers set up several branches and use unused brands; many agents take manufacturers' equipment and use a brand after OEM; there are also many manufacturers who have made multiple brands and so on. There are about 200 brands of UV flatbed printers.
But no matter how the brand changes, the core things will not change, and changing the soup cannot change the medicine. From the following three aspects, I learned how to judge the brand of UV flatbed printer.
1. Look at the core components of the equipment, that is, the print head. If it is a universal Epson print head, every manufacturer can do it, not to mention what brand, it belongs to a very simple process without uv flatbed printer comparison. When buying this type of equipment, as long as it is not a modified machine or a refurbished machine, which manufacturer is closer to you, you can buy it directly.
2. See the series with the same name based on uv flatbed printer reviews. Except for Epson, other nozzles are divided into four levels of low, medium, high, and top, and the price ranges from 3,000 to 30,000. In terms of Seiko series nozzles, the lower end is 255 and 510; the middle end is 1020 and gs508; the high end is gs1024; the top is rc1536. So, when choosing, ask what configuration.
3. Looking at the feedback from customers who have purchased UV flatbed printers, the Internet is now well developed, and a lot of bad information can be learned from the side. If you see any incident of beating journalists, the event of being blocked by an exhibition, the event of being blocked by a company, or being judged as a bad company by the court, etc., you must be cautious when choosing.
The difference between flatbed printer and UV printer is in ink and curing:
1. Flat-panel printers use solvent-based inks, which can be dried after baking at high temperature.
2, UV printer uses UV ink, which is cured and dried by UV light.
It's similar, the key is to see what you want to print, but some documents with special requirements are more troublesome.
All about UV flatbed printer
UV flatbed printer is also known as universal printer, flatbed printers, UV printers,uv digital printing machine in the industry. First. The main function of UV flatbed printer.
Breaking through the traditional inkjet technology, it can not only print on soft materials but also directly print any desired patterns on hard materials.UV flatbed printers can be applied to full-color printing of flat, curved or cylindrical objects of any material. With silk screen, pad printing, thermal transfer and other traditional incomparable advantages, the image formed directly on the object can be printed and dried.
It can be printed on any material, such as wood, tile, glass, ceramic, plastic, plastic, leather, acrylic, clothing, mobile phone case, U disk, vase, PVC. Eva. ABS, etc., the printed color is bright, the image is clear, the effect is realistic, waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion-resistant, strong adhesion, no fading can be stored for a long time, the machine is easy to operate, stable performance, and creates higher printing quality than traditional methods. Fully meet the high-intensity mass production requirements of all walks of life.
Second. Application industry
1. Digital exterior light industry
It can be directly charged in U disk, mobile phone external charging, computer shell, mobile power shell. All kinds of protective sleeves, and the leather sleeves are sprayed with various personalized patterns and even photos that you want to print, which truly achieve personalized customization and Dr production.
2. Building materials and decoration field
You can print the pictures of your own choice on glass sliding doors, tiles, carpets, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, wood panels, cabinets, glass panels and other media, which can make the building indoor and outdoor full of personal characteristics and cultural characteristics.
3. Advertising industry
You can print landscapes, pictures, promotional materials, etc. on glass, wood, PVCPP PE, textiles, aluminum panels, glass panels, cardboard, acrylic panels, density panels, chevron panels or metal sheet surfaces for advertising, exhibition services, POP billboards, reflective signs, signs, acrylic, leather printing, airport media, exhibition advertising inkjet and other fields.
4. The field of art decoration
Artistic glass printing, wooden crafts, digital video production, tourist souvenir production.
5. Glass industry
The UV flatbed inkjet printer can directly print various patterns on the glass surface, instead of manual painting, to achieve a plate-free, high-efficiency, low-cost, and rich color and shadow real-time processing process. The convenience of operation saves a lot of time for customers in the glass industry. This equipment has brought considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.
6. Decoration industry
The UV flatbed inkjet printer can directly print the required patterns on the surface of various decorative materials such as ceiling, fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board, density board, stone, ceramics, glass, etc., to meet the needs of personalized decoration and bring considerable economy to architectural decoration companies. benefit.
7. Signage industry
The UV flatbed printer can directly print patterns on the surface of various hard sign materials, replacing traditional sign technology such as screen printing, corrosion, and filming. It not only reduces the process, reduces the cost, but also increases the firmness. It is a power sign, transportation Ideal equipment for manufacturers such as signs, safety signs, and reflective barriers.
8. Wall surface, decorative painting, oil painting
UV flatbed inkjet printer can directly print patterns on the surface of ceramics and wood products, instead of manual painting, screen printing and other processes. After post-processing, the product meets the requirements for umbilical resistance, water resistance, temperature difference resistance, and radiation resistance, and meets the needs of personalized decoration. It realizes the emergence of flat-panel printers with effective and low-cost real-time processing, bringing it to the mural and decorative painting industries. More words and art are not expressive.
9. Exhibition board production
The UV platform spraying machine can directly print the required patterns on the surface of various advertising boards such as KT boards, chevron boards, glass, etc., instead of photo printing and overwriting processes, and is not satisfied, no foaming, low cost, and time-saving Efficient.
10. Other industries
T-shirt, leather printing, unified screen printing industry, reflective sign, sign, acrylic, flat spray, platform spray, KT board spray, fine board spray, gusset spray, etc., light box spray, light box media, Toilet cover etc.
Third. UV flatbed printer for sale
Over time, printers have become more and more popular. In terms of sales, it can also be divided into domestic sales and export sales. The traditional sales stand to distribute in crowded squares is completely different. Now it's all online sales, and after several years of development, online sales are also very mature. If necessary, you can visit our machines on our official website.
Forth. UV flatbed printer price
The price range of UV printers is also very large. There are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the price is different for different sizes. But now some machines on the market are very cheap, and most of these machines are modified machines. There are more follow-up problems with modified machines, and maintenance is also a frequent matter. So don't buy it, but if you want to buy it, please choose a self-developed brand machine.
How to maintain the cmyk uv inkjet printer?
Many users worry that they don't know how to maintain after purchasing a cmyk uv inkjet printer. In fact, the main daily maintenance of the UV flatbed machine is relatively simple. The main work areas include cmyk uv inkjet printer attachment maintenance, ink tube, grating bar, guide rail, platform maintenance, and daily attention to the working environment of the machine. The most important thing is to insist every day.
How to do the daily post-maintenance of the cmyk uv inkjet printer?
1. UV ink machine maintenance?
Using UV ink for a long time will cause various impurities to slowly precipitate in the ink tube. Generally, it is recommended to replace a new set of ink tubes within about 6 months.
2, UV flatbed nozzle cleaning?
It is recommended that cmyk uv inkjet printer attachment use the manual method to clean the print head. On the one hand, it can save the ink volume and reduce the cost, and on the other hand, the status of the print head can be seen more clearly. (Tools: cleaning fluid, syringes, syringes, disposable gloves)
3, UV flat guide rail maintenance?
It is recommended to wipe the guide rail with lubricating oil for about 2 months to achieve lubrication and maintenance effects. On the one hand, it can reduce the operating noise and on the other hand, it can reduce the loss caused by wear.
How to do the daily post-maintenance of the cmyk uv inkjet printer?
4. What is the maintenance of the cmyk uv inkjet printer attachment?
Maintenance of the cmyk uv inkjet printer attachment requires to wipe the surface of the grating strip slowly with a little alcohol and a little alcohol to remove the dust and particles attached to it. (Maintenance time is recommended once a month)
5. Cleaning and maintenance of uv tablet platform and appearance?
During daily use, keep the frequency of 1-2 days, and regularly wipe the ink and dust on the platform with alcohol and non-woven cloth.
6. Is the environment around the cmyk uv inkjet printer?
If there is too much dust and impurities in the air, floating on the surface of the material will directly affect the cmyk uv inkjet printer attachment effect, and spots, patterns, and color will appear. Daily floor cleaning and ventilation are particularly important.
Digital uv inkjet label printer expand your label world
Nowadays, people's application of labels is becoming more and more extensive. According to relevant data, global label demand is expanding by 5.2% per year, and it is predicted that it will reach 51.6 billion square meters and a market size of 110 billion US dollars in 2015. The demand also naturally promoted the development of digital uv wide format inkjet printers technology and equipment, and here are a few uv inkjet label printers.
Beibei Founder Yingying L1400 Color digital uv inkjet label printer
Peking University Founder Yingying L1400 color digital uv inkjet label printer adopts the most advanced high-precision high-speed industrial-grade on-demand piezoelectric print head, supports 4 levels of gray (visual resolution 1200dpi), and can be stable for 7 × 24 hours without interruption produce. L1400 adopts standard industrial-grade modular design, which can realize flexible configuration and easy maintenance of the entire system, and highly integrated control of each component to ensure high-speed data transmission and high-speed printing.
Even for label designs with slightly different colors, it can achieve natural effects and give printed products better color rendering. The hanging screen method and RIP technology developed for digital UV inkjet printer can ensure the control of the ink volume and dots of each printing point. The adjustment of the ink droplet size and the gray level of print data and the application of the ICC color management system further ensure the painting. The quality is reflected in multiple levels.
Dauster Tau 330 UV Inkjet Narrow Web digital uv inkjet printer
The Dowst Tau 330 UV Inkjet Narrow Web Label Digital Printing Press is an all-aluminum digital uv inkjet label printer that can produce high-quality production on a 330mm wide web with a printing speed of 48 m / min. Xaar's 1001 inkjet head, with a maximum resolution of 720dpi × 360dpi, can complete 7 colors (CMYK + white + orange + purple) printing; the built-in continuous functions of the machine, such as uv inkjet label printer head cleaning function and automatic nozzle fault compensation function can Significantly helps the machine improve production performance; ESKO's RIP process is adopted. The RIP software has substrate correction and color processing functions, which ensures the high quality of the image and the color consistency. This feature is particularly important when printing short-run jobs or repeated jobs.
It uses the most advanced digital UV inkjet technology to ensure equipment reliability and production efficiency. It's very economical to use it for short-run jobs, whether it's a single label, hundreds of labels, or thousands of labels. This will enable some short-run printing businesses that are not profitable on traditional printers to be converted into profitable printing operations on the Tau330 digital UV inkjet printer.
Screen Truepress Jet L350 digital uv wide format inkjet printers
The screen resolution of the Truepress Jet L350 digital uv inkjet label printer is 600 × 600dpi. It uses a single-channel grayscale piezoelectric inkjet head with a minimum ink drop of 3 picoliters. Using 350mm label material, it can print 16 square meters per minute, that is, the print line speed is 50m / min. The quality of this uv inkjet label printer is comparable to that of photos, with fast adjustment speed and stable production. Truepress Jet L350 can also be used with some near-line finishing equipment, and can also be equipped with on-line compounding, die cutting, bronzing, glazing and embossing processing units.
Truepress Jet L350 uv inkjet label printer and Screen's Equios workflow, screen high-quality, high-resolution UV ink, together constitute a complete product solution. In addition, the screen can provide standard four-color inks, as well as unique opaque white inks, allowing this printer to print on film materials and metal foil.
Epson SurePressL-6034VW digital uv inkjet printer
UreSurePressL-6034VW uv inkjet label printer is Epson's first page-width inkjet technology digital uv inkjet printer, and also the first to use Epson's new PrecisionCore linear print head, LED UV-curable ink, and synchronized digital coating technology. It has a compact structure, excellent quality, high reliability, and flexibility and excellent performance. It is ideal for customers who are new to the label printing business or customers who plan to expand their production scale and want to find a digital uv wide format inkjet printers to help them achieve high-quality labelless printing throughout the day.
The newly developed PrecisionCore linear print head is a key component that guarantees SurePressL-6034VW to achieve excellent performance such as high performance, high reliability, low maintenance and operating costs. Its resolution is up to 600600dpi, digital uv wide format inkjet printers' speed is up to 15m / min, the colors are full and full, and the gradient is smooth. Even the finest text, lines and images can be perfectly reproduced.
Weifang Donghang UV Color Digital Label Printing Machine
Weifang Donghang UV color digital label printing machine adopts industry-leading on-demand piezoelectric grayscale print head, with advanced screening and RIP technology, and excellent color management system. The printed images are beautiful and the text is clear. The nozzle module and each control unit adopt a modular design. The printing width is optional from 70mm to 420mm. CMYK four colors and spot colors provide a complete solution for label printing. The flexible configuration of the width and color group ensures different production requirements for label printing.
Eastern Airlines uv inkjet label printer adopts excellent closed-loop servo control system, stable printing tension, combined with precise mechanical positioning mechanism and advanced electrical positioning control, the registration accuracy of printed products reaches ± 2um. In addition, CEA's UV color digital label printing machine uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic UV inks, which can be printed on the surface of various paper, film and tin foil substrates. It can be cured in one time, and the print quality is stable. demand.
Factors affecting the quality of automatic uv inkjet printer
Multiple function uv inkjet printers have different principles. In the actual application process, manufacturers generally choose inks provided by inkjet equipment suppliers, and the inks used are also irreplaceable. Changing the ink arbitrarily will inevitably cause the failure of ink discharge or printing. Therefore, the user must have a full understanding of the ink used, and also need to consider the influence of various factors such as the nature of the t-shirt uv inkjet printer and automatic uv inkjet printer material.
(1) Use of multiple function uv inkjet printer media
For a2 uv inkjet printer 2400dpi uv inkjet printer, Photo-level uv inkjet printer, 600mm x 900mm uv inkjet printer, to control the printing effect on different printing media, it is necessary to analyze the performance of the printing material. Taking paper as an example, due to the thermodynamic interaction between paper and ink, the capillary effect of paper, and the diffusion of ink chemical components, etc., all have an effect on the absorption of ink, which will cause different inks to have different penetration effects. Therefore, the inkjet printing paper requires a smooth surface and a certain degree of sizing. It is best to have a very thin transparent coating on the surface, which can quickly absorb ink and avoid light scattering.
A2 uv inkjet printer 2400dpi uv inkjet printer, Photo-level uv inkjet printer, 600mm x 900mm uv inkjet printer inkjet printer inks have a wide range of printing media. It is important to understand which inkjet technology is suitable for what type of automatic uv inkjet printer. In addition, the coating material's coatability, absorption, surface treatment, etc. will affect print quality. When the substrate has poor adhesion, an adhesion promoter of less than 3% can be added. When plastic substrates have poor adhesion, consider whether the surface treatment is appropriate. Generally, the surface tension needs to be above 3.8 × 10-2N / m to make the UV ink have good adhesion.
(2) Use of UV ink
To get the ideal print, you must use t-shirt uv inkjet printer ink properly. The performance of the ink should be monitored before, during and after printing. The printing environment and storage conditions, such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness and airflow, will affect the performance of inkjet inks. In humid environments, special attention should be paid to the transportation and storage of UV inks. Every operation step should be paid attention from the opening of the packaging to the printing on the machine. After printing inkjet inks, avoid exposure to adverse environments such as UV light, ozone, adhesives and corrosives. These factors may reduce the quality of automatic uv inkjet printer products. UV inks are prone to cross-linking when exposed to light or heat. Therefore, direct sunlight should be avoided during use, and they cannot be stored for long periods in an environment higher than 30 ° C. They must be stored in a ventilated and protected from light below 16-28 ° C.
Although the current UV inks perform satisfactorily in terms of production quality and production efficiency of automatic uv inkjet printer, most are specially designed according to the corresponding equipment structure and application purpose, so they have certain limitations and poor versatility. Improper use of UV inks produced by different manufacturers will affect the stability of UV inks. Therefore, when the ink needs to be mixed, it must be tested first, and then it can be used when there is no reaction.
(3) Multiple Function uv inkjet printer UV light source and curing
In order to obtain a high-quality output image, the high-illuminance output from the UV lamp is required to match the spectral band required for curing. With the increase of the use time, the electrode of the UV lamp tube is gradually decomposed, and the inner wall of the lamp tube will be deposited, the transparency and the transmittance of UV light will gradually weaken, which will affect the curing. Therefore, the lamp tube should be inspected regularly and replaced in time. If the curing problem is caused by insufficient light source power, the t-shirt uv inkjet printer speed can be appropriately reduced or the light source power can be increased. Since UV ink itself has a slow curing speed, light curing accelerators can be added, printing speed can be reduced, or the ink supplier can be solved. In addition, the effect of UV light radiation is cumulative, if the curing is excessive, the ink layer may break and affect the image quality.
How does a flatbed uv printer work?
First of all, what is a uv flatbed printer?
Uv printing of a uv flatbed printer is a special printing process through uv drying, curing uv ink, need to contain photosensitizer uv ink and uv curing lamp, in the paper or other substrate printed on a special process.
And how does a flatbed uv printer work?
In general, the types of technology that uv flatbed printer will be applied to are briefly described below:
1. UV light source equipment
Including lamps, reflectors, energy control devices, temperature control devices (or cooling devices).
(1) Light tube
The most common type of lamp used in UV light sources is the mercury lamp (Mercury Lamp) filled with mercury, and sometimes other metals are added, such as Gallium. In addition, metal halogen lamps and quartz lamps are also commonly used. At present, much depends on imports. The electromagnetic wavelength emitted by the UV lamp must be between 200 ~ 400nm.
(2) reflector
The main function of the reflector is to reflect the UV electromagnetic wave back to increase the efficiency of the UV light source (UV Tech Publications, 1991). Another important function is to maintain the operating temperature of the lamp. The surface of the reflector is usually made of aluminum, and the reflectance requirement is usually up to 90%.
There are two basic types of reflectors, one is focusing type and the other is defocusing type. With the development of the manufacturer, there are other extended types.
(3) Energy control device
The main energy supply of UV flatbed printer is to control the UV energy emitted by the UV lamp to be stable, to maintain the efficiency and stability of hardening, and to meet the needs of different printing speeds. There are electronic design and microcomputer control.
2. Cooling device
Since UV lamps emit IR (infrared waves) when they emit UV electromagnetic waves, UV equipment will operate at high temperatures (for example, the temperature of quartz lamps can reach 600 ~ 800 ° C). In addition to shortening the life of the equipment, As for the printed matter, it is easy to cause expansion and contraction, resulting in the inaccurate registration during printing, so the importance of the cooling device is obvious.
3. Ink supply system
Because UV ink has higher viscosity and higher friction than traditional lithographic printing inks, and damages to the components of the UV flatbed printer press (including blankets, ink rollers, etc.), it is necessary to deal with the ink in the ink tank when printing In addition to continuous stirring, the ink roller and blanket in the ink supply system should be designed for UV printing. In order to maintain the stability of the UV printing ink, so as not to affect the viscosity of the printing ink by too high temperature, the temperature control device of the ink roller is also an important device.
4. Heat radiation and exhaust device
The main function is to remove the excessive heat energy inside the machine and the ozone generated when the ink is polymerized and hardened. It usually consists of an exhaust motor and an exhaust pipe.
The quality of the printing ink is the most critical factor that directly affects UV printing. In addition to influencing traditional quality factors such as color performance and color gamut, the printability of the printing ink directly affects the adhesion, strength, and anti-friction of the printed matter on the print after printing. The types and characteristics of photoinitiators and polymerized monomers are key basic materials.
To control the adhesion of UV printing ink, when wet UV ink is in contact with the printed matter, the surface tension of the printed matter (unit: dynes/cm) must be higher than the surface tension of the printed ink (Schilstra, 1997) to produce Good ink adhesion, so controlling the surface tension of the ink and the printed matter is an important technique for UV printing.
6.UV energy measurement equipment
In UV flatbed printer, because of the aging of the UV lamp, the power supply, and the speed of the printing machine, it is necessary to control the UV energy to maintain stability. Therefore, the technology of measuring UV energy has become an extremely important link.
6 kinds of coating use methods and preservation of small format uv flatbed printer
Although the small format uv flatbed printer can print patterns on the surface of hundreds of, thousands of materials, due to the characteristics of the surface of different materials, uv ink adhesion, flexibility and other performance differences, will lead to peeling, peeling on some materials, which requires the use of uv coating to solve this problem.
There are 6 types of common small flatbed digital uv inkjet printer coatings on the market:
1. small format uv flatbed printer glass coating:
It is suitable for plexiglass, toughened glass, glazed ceramic tile, crystal and other glass materials that need special treatment. At present, there are two kinds of quick-drying coating and baking.
2. small format uv flatbed printer PC coating
There are some PC material harder materials, usually very poor adhesion! Some PC materials directly print without coating! Generally imported PVC acrylic panels need to wipe off the PC coating.
3. Small uv flatbed printer metal coating
Metal coating: applicable to aluminum, copper, tinplate, aluminum alloy and other materials, transparent and white two, need to be used in the finished products, can not be used before stamping, injection molding, otherwise, the effect will be greatly reduced.
4. Small uv flatbed printer leather coating
Suitable for genuine leather, leather, PVC leather, pu leather, etc. After spraying on the surface of the leather material, it can be dried naturally.
5. Small size uv flatbed printer for UV printer
Suitable for the wood board, PVC, ABS, gypsum, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS PVC and another material surface, after wiping the coating, natural drying can be printed on small uv flatbed printer for sale.
6. Silica gel coating for small size uv flatbed printer
Suitable for silicone and rubber materials. Surface activity is poor, to flame treatment, otherwise, adhesion is not enough, flame treatment by experience, the surface can not spray too thick, otherwise, it is not easy to dry.
1. The mixture required for coating has fixed proportion and stirring skills, which shall be carried out according to the instructions;
2. Once it is found that the coating has a chemical reaction with uv ink, such as dissolution and foaming, the coating with better compatibility shall be replaced;
3. The irritating smell of the coating of the small uv flatbed printer for sale is generally large. Masks and disposable gloves can be provided during the operation;
4, Different materials corresponding to the coating type is different, do not take a coating with other materials.
Preservation of coating:
1. Keep in a cool, backlit and ventilated place;
2. After use, tighten the cap in time;
3. Do not press other materials on it;
4, Do not put the coating liquid on the floor, it can choose the shelf.
Usually in the user in the purchase of small flatbed digital uv inkjet printer, manufacturers will be based on the user's product characteristics, to provide matching coating, mold or varnish and other processes.
Advantages of uv led inkjet printer in lithographic printing machine
UV-LED printing system is a kind of UV curing, which uses UVLED light source to cure UV ink, UV glue, UV coating and so on.
The production of uv led inkjet printer process that uses mercury lamp irradiation as the mainstream has been used for a long time. However, due to the high cost of uv led inkjet printer, high maintenance direct jet uv led inkjet printers price, rapid attenuation of UV light intensity, surface temperature of the irradiated elements, high volume, expensive consumables, and mercury pollution, the industry has been working on improvements, but due to the limitations of original hardware Difficult to break through.
The advent of the UV-LED printing system has brought revolutionary changes to the digital flatbed led uv printer. LED UV curing device has the characteristics of constant light intensity, excellent temperature control, and long service life. It also has relatively low digital flatbed led uv printer price and almost zero maintenance cost. It improves the quality of UV curing process and reduces energy consumption.
UV light sources used on UV lithographic direct jet uv led inkjet printers generally use light sources such as high-pressure mercury lamps or metal halide lamps. Due to the large size of lamps and power supplies, large power consumption and heat generation, damage to uv led inkjet printer and substrates, and ozone generation during use. In addition, it is difficult for the direct jet uv led inkjet printers to maintain normal operation when the voltage is unstable, and the effect of fast drying of the printing ink is also not achieved.
The newly developed direct jet uv led inkjet printers is the next generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly UV printing system. Compared with the conventional UV tube type lithographic printing system, the UV-LED printing system can greatly reduce power consumption and have a long life; the UV-LED printing system generates less heat and does not generate ozone; it can also turn on or turn off the lights instantly. ; Environmental protection, RoHS compliant, mercury-free, and excellent operating performance of digital flatbed led uv printer.
No ozone generation: no auxiliary works such as deodorizing devices and exhaust ducts need to be installed; factories with dense surrounding buildings can also be used; a clean working environment can be maintained.
Infrared-free: prevent prints from shrinking due to heat
Light up or turn off instantly: improve the efficiency of printing operations. Traditional UV lamps of uv led flatbed inkjet printer need to be warmed up for 5 minutes before they can be turned on, and cooled for 5-10 minutes before they can be turned off, which requires waiting time. Therefore, many digital uv flatbed printer operators always keep UV lamps on in consideration of work efficiency, resulting in waste. In contrast, the direct jet 1024 uv inkjet printer only lights up automatically during printing, which can improve work efficiency and reduce power consumption.
Digital uv flatbed printer pace-saving design: Compact control cabinet and cooling device are adopted to save space.
UV-LED printing system has a long life: it can reduce the number of times of changing the light source.
UV flatbed inkjet printers available for following regions
UV flatbed printers are widely used in the market, such as China, Australia, America, Japan, Britain, India, Spain, because when they were originally designed, they created very good advantages, and they can play a particularly good role in ordinary printing products, so many industrial and other Related industries have begun to widely use UV flatbed printers, hoping to make their own products have very good pictures and a good definition on the surface, so that the products they sell can be on the market. Be loved and welcomed by many consumers, and then create more profits for themselves.
In the process of inventing UV flatbed printers, a relatively large breakthrough was achieved. Before this machine was invented, traditional printer companies were only able to do it on relatively soft materials when inkjetting. There is no way for some hard materials. If they are not used properly, they may damage their own machines. However, with such a printer, not only can it perform the corresponding work on relatively soft materials, but it can also perform inkjet on some relatively large and hard materials, so that such products also have The corresponding pattern that can be possessed is a very important technical improvement. The most important thing is that it has promoted this technology well and entered many fields.
UV flatbed printers have been invented for many years in foreign countries, such as China, Australia, America, Japan, Britain. Although it is not a product in that image market or an extra part in such a field, it is only a good market for those who print patterns. Substitute effect, because such a product is relatively low in cost in the process of use, it will not be as complicated as some of the patterns, so this product can make many people accept themselves. After all, using this kind of printing can save a lot of costs compared to traditional methods. For short-term products, it has very good advantages and is more convenient to use.
UV flatbed printers also use relatively advanced technologies, all of which are imported from abroad, and the power in the working process is only about 80 watts, which can save a lot of power and will not cause any pollution to the surrounding environment. In other words, there is no need to preheat during routine work, and it will not produce some bad radiation effects. On the other hand, as long as the materials printed through this product are never deformed, The most important thing is that this kind of machine does not easily break down, so it can save a large part of the maintenance costs, and everyone only needs to pay attention to cleaning when using it.
Now UV printers are developing faster and faster, and the market is getting bigger and bigger. So why are UV printers so popular in China, Australia, America, Japan, Britain, India? What is the difference between them and traditional printers? Let's talk about UV printers and traditional ones. What are the differences between printers? How to distinguish between the two types of equipment can not only effectively prevent users from buying traditional printers at the price of UV printers, but also better compare the differences between the two types of equipment and choose the one that is more suitable for them.
Difference 1: Efficiency
Because of the early printing equipment, traditional printers are limited by the technical level and hardware design flaws, the printing materials are limited, and the printing speed is far less than that of UV printers. In contrast, the UV printer uses a fifth agent light nozzle and a Seiko nozzle, and the speed is mentioned more than 30 times.
Difference 2: Craft
The printing materials of traditional printers, no matter what kind of materials, need to wipe the coating solution before printing to improve the adhesion of the ink. After the printing is completed, they need to be baked in the oven to accelerate drying. In contrast, UV printers achieve coating-free printing, that is, print and dry.
Difference 3: effect
The traditional printer can only show a flat pattern on the surface of the material, which is the ordinary color printing effect. On the contrary, the Ricoh industrial dual-nozzle UV printer can make the printed pattern have a 3D relief three-dimensional effect, which greatly increases the added value of the product.
Difference 4: People
The process of traditional printer printing usually requires 3 or more people, one person is responsible for operating the equipment, one person is responsible for prepress processing, and one person is responsible for oven baking. On the contrary, the UV printer only needs one person and one computer. After clicking the setting, the device will repeatedly print within the set time. The staff only needs to put the material on the platform and then take it down. This can be repeated. .
Aluminum formwork system malaysia
The application of Aluminum formwork technology has been developed for more than 50 years and is widely used in various fields of reinforced concrete building structures. In developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as buildings in emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India, they have been widely used. In the process of promotion and use, countries have also accumulated a large number of experience in the design, manufacture, application and construction of aluminum formwork. Before the financial tsunami, the annual aluminum stencil market in the United States was about $100 million, and it was divided by four or five Aluminum formwork manufacturing companies. Aluminum alloy formwork technology has also been applied to a large number of affordable housing in Mexico. In Mexico, with the construction of its aluminum formwork technology, more than 1 million sets of affordable housing were built. South Korea used plywood a decade ago. Up to now, 80% of its high-rise residential buildings have been using aluminum formwork technology. At present, Malaysia uses a large number of aluminum formwork to build high-rise buildings. Like Country Garden City, it uses a large number of aluminum formwork to build high-rise buildings.
In people's simple cognition, the template made of aluminum alloy must be very expensive and must be easily damaged, but this is not the case. The drawback of China's construction industry lies in the shortage of skilled professional technicians. Therefore, with traditional construction techniques, serious problems of quality, schedule, safety and material waste are common. Many construction companies are actively looking for labor services, saving materials, ensuring the quality of progress and safe and civilized construction of new technologies and materials. Among them, the aluminum template, the aluminum frame plywood formwork and the early release formwork support technology derived therefrom are collectively referred to as aluminum formwork technology.
Aluminum formwork system products
The aluminum formwork is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy, also known as an aluminum alloy formwork. It is a design made of modulus, and the aluminum formwork is made by extrusion with special equipment. It consists of a three-part system of aluminum panels, brackets and connectors. It has a complete set of universal accessories, which can be assembled into different sizes of complex overall mold frames, assembled and industrialized system templates, which solves the defects of traditional templates and greatly improves the construction efficiency.
Aluminum formwork design and development and construction applications are a major development in the construction industry.
Since its inception in the United States in 1962, aluminum formwork has been used for 55 years. In developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as buildings in emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India, they have been widely used.
Aluminum molds have been developed in China for only a few years and have been favored by many builders. For example, Vanke and China Construction Group are using aluminum formwork systems.
Since its inception in the United States in 1962, aluminum formwork has been used for 55 years. In developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as buildings in emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India, they have been widely used.
Aluminum molds have been developed in China for only a few years and have been favored by many builders. For example, Vanke and China Construction Group are using aluminum formwork systems.
The aluminum formwork system products are suitable for the use of walls, horizontal slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window sills, floating boards, etc., and are equally useful for secondary structures such as ring beams, structural columns, and anti-cans.
The Aluminum formwork system products are popular which mainly because the technical indicators are more advanced, and can better meet the requirements of the state and society for construction projects.
Aluminum formwork manufacturers in india
All-aluminum composite stencil systems are widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as in emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India. In the process of promotion and use, countries have also accumulated a large number of experience in the design, manufacture, application and construction of aluminum formwork.
So, what is the reason for the aluminum formwork technology not only widely used in developed countries like the United States, Canada, etc., but also in countries such as India, whose economic level is behind China, has been actively promoted? There must be a reason to use aluminum stencil technology. Traditional low-efficiency wood formwork and extensive construction methods are still widely used in construction, which not only wastes a lot of forest resources such as wood, but also violates the national industrial policy guidance and increases carbon emissions, which also causes construction costs. A substantial increase. The key points to solve these problems are: the use of new templates and support systems with high efficiency, modularity, and high reusability, and a new construction method that can effectively reduce the cost of construction site work. This is why Aluminum formwork technology is widely used.
The booming Indian aluminum market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. With the continuous expansion of Indian manufacturers' production capacity, the addition of new companies and the growing demand for high-quality products in the current market, Al-India is increasingly adopting new technologies and new equipment to improve production quality.This is undoubtedly an excellent development opportunity Aluminum formwork manufacturers in india.Similarly, it is an good opportunity for Chinese companies to take the lead in India, a rapidly growing market.
Aluminum formwork cost
Aluminum formwork features:
All parts of the aluminum mold can be reused, and there is less garbage on the construction site, which changes the scene condition of the traditional template. The aluminum mold material is metal, which is not easy to burn, and effectively eliminates the fire. High construction quality and stable performance: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, good strength, good bearing capacity, high horizontal and vertical control of the template, smooth surface of concrete members, clear and straight lines.
The construction progress is fast and the construction period is short: the template is standardized and the assembly is simple and convenient. At the same time, the quick release technology is adopted, and the normal construction is for four or five days;
Simple training for workers can master the craft in a short time; the template does not rely on tower cranes for transportation, and is manually transported through reserved holes for convenient construction.
In addition, due to the good perception of the concrete poured by the aluminum formwork technology, the structural surface can basically achieve the effect of the sub-clear water concrete. According to the understanding, at least 50% of the wall plastering cost can be saved, saving the raw material consumption of cement and sand and the artificial use of plastering. At the same time, it reduces the use time of the turnover materials, and at the same time, the quality directly eliminates the common problem of indoor wall plastering and cracks. Finally, the aluminum template has a recycling value after it is completely used, and the recovery price is 25%-30% of the original price.
Although considering the high cost of aluminum formwork, the cycle utilization rate is high. If there are more buildings to achieve standardization work, and a set of templates can be recycled as much as possible, the Aluminum formwork cost can be greatly reduced, and only the cost of the template itself can be used. Far below the wood formwork and steel formwork.
Aluminum formwork components
An Aluminum formwork components, comprising: an outer wall aluminum formwork body, a longitudinal backing of the outer wall is vertically disposed along a surface of the outer wall aluminum formwork body, and a reinforcing backing is mounted on the longitudinal back of the outer wall, The outer wall is reinforced with a back sill, the reinforced outer wall of the outer wall is vertically opposite to the longitudinal wall of the outer wall, and the reinforced outer wall is a first square through pipe; and the inner wall aluminum template body is further included The surface of the inner wall aluminum formwork body is vertically disposed with an inner wall longitudinal backing, and the inner wall longitudinal backing is mounted on the inner wall longitudinal backing, the inner wall reinforcing backing is perpendicular to the inner wall longitudinal back, The inner wall is reinforced with a second square pass. The Aluminum formwork components adopt the first square through pipe as the outer wall reinforcement backing and the second square through pipe as the inner wall reinforcement backing, which greatly saves the cost.
The components of the aluminum formwork are: wall panel, inner corner, beam panel, wall end panel cover, panel, middle beam, connecting strip, inner corner of the floor, outer corner, bottom gusset, top support, end beam, support column support, etc. These are all components of the building aluminum mold.
Aluminum formwork manufacturers
Although the start time of the aluminum formwork industry is not long, in recent years, with the promotion of green buildings, by 2017, it has accounted for about 20% of the entire template market, ushered in an outbreak period. At the same time, its application range has gradually expanded, from civilian buildings to public buildings, subways, tunnels and other projects have begun to use aluminum formwork, industry head enterprises ushered in development opportunities.
In recent years, with the acceleration of global industrialization and urbanization and the transformation of economic growth mode, research and application of green construction technology has become a consensus. Building formwork is an important tool for concrete structural engineering construction, directly affecting the quality and efficiency of the project. The green and energy-saving aluminum formwork is a new type of building energy-saving and environmentally-friendly material, which can be widely used in various fields of reinforced concrete building structure, and has obvious advantages compared with the traditional formwork.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the policy to promote the development of low-carbon economy, well-known domestic developers have promoted the development of the aluminum formwork market. Real estate companies including Vanke, Poly, and China Resources have begun to promote aluminum formwork applications in their respective development projects. Large-scale construction and general contracting for China Construction, China Railway Construction, and China Transportation Construction has adopted aluminum formwork as a guarantee for construction quality.
Goldapple Aluminum formwork manufacturers are pushing the aluminum formwork industry to continue to grow bigger and stronger.
Aluminum formwork accessories
Aluminum formwork accessories: round pin, bolt; K plate screw; wall body demoulder; PVC casing; architectural aluminum formwork fittings - pull tab;adjuster; lower adjuster, nut; aluminum formwork fittings - support; back sling; oblique support; aluminum formwork splicer; PVC casing detacher.
All the accessories are constructed as a whole for the aluminum formwork to ensure that the building structure is formed when the concrete is poured; the single piece system is connected into a system to form a whole, supporting the floor, the floor and the cantilever structure; the structural width dimension of the formwork is guaranteed to be poured. No deformation occurs during the concrete process, and the template does not appear to rise or explode.
Aluminum formwork singapore
The aluminum formwork system is one of the cast-in-place concrete formwork systems widely used around the world. Unlike other formwork systems, the aluminum formwork system is suitable for both engineering projects with high engineering requirements and general engineering projects.
Aluminum formwork is used in a wide range of applications in Singapore. The Singapore Shenton Way project is located in the central business district of Singapore. It is a hotel apartment project with two single main buildings, of which 7 floors are below the overall podium-style parking lot, and the two single main floors are 50 and 43 respectively. The structure of the main building is a cylinder-scissor wall. The opening of the standard floor room structure is small, and the variation of the building facade is not large. The average floor area of ​​a single floor is about 800 square meters.
In the construction of the 9-layer and above standard layers of the Shenton Way project, a formwork system based on aluminum formwork was used. Through the previous construction organization design, formwork system design, and on-site construction and deployment, the construction period of the standard layer was strictly controlled in 4 days every floor.
Through the actual use of the Aluminum formwork Singapore construction market, the construction experience of the aluminum formwork is summarized, especially for the construction of high-rise buildings with little structural changes and tight construction schedules. The use of the aluminum formwork system is very efficient and economical. The choice of the current domestic construction project has not been widely used aluminum stencil system, so it is expected that the future aluminum stencil market will have a good prospect.
kumkang Aluminum formwork system
Kumkang Aluminum formwork system VS Goldapple Aluminum formwork system
Kumkang Kind, a producer of steel pipes and a variety of scaffolding products, has been taking part in an necessary role in the improvement of the financial system and the metal enterprise of Korea. Kumkang Kind, with extra than 30 years of experience has developed into a promising formwork system manufacturer.  The application of Goldapple's aluminum formwork system in the construction industry has improved the construction efficiency of building construction projects, including in building materials. Compared with the two, Goldapple is more cost-effective. 
Advantages of goldapple Aluminum formwork:
  • (1) Short construction period.
  • (2) The number of repeated uses is high, and the average use cost is low.
  • (3) Convenient construction and high efficiency.
  • (4) Good stability and high bearing capacity.
  • (5) A wide range of applications. 
  • (6) High recovery value. 
  • (7) Low carbon emission reduction.


Customer Support Solution

Considering our clients needs and providing options has been the hallmark of our commercial enterprise in view that day one. We sketch products that meet our customers requirements and demands. Special purposes and customized diagram could be a challenge. We lead the Aluminum formwork industry by continuously learning and creating new designs. 


Aluminum Formwork

Our Aluminum formwork is a self-climbing system which is ordinarily used for residential, business and civil engineering projects. The whole bracket appreciably reduces the usual building period. As an extraordinarily secure and user-friendly system, Aluminum formwork is fine used for core wall building method (core-preceding) for high-rise buildings, pylons, and heavy structures. 


The most vital element for a profitable structural development is the formwork system. We constantly present the most secure, efficient, trustful and satisfactory assured Aluminum formwork system handy on the market.

mivan Aluminum formwork
Mivan Aluminum formwork VS Goldapple Aluminum formwork
Mivan Aluminum Formwork Technology is a progressive Aluminum formwork development system, which has been effectively used and developed for many years, for forming solid in location strengthened concrete building structures. Using this special formwork, all walls, flooring slabs, columns, beams, stairs, balconies, collectively with door and window openings are forged in area in a single web page primarily based operation.
The resulting building shape is very strong, correct in dimensions and tolerances, with a excessive pleasant of completed concrete surface and yet at the identical time the Mivan Formwork is fast, adaptable and very value effective.
Characteristics, of Mivan Aluminum Formwork Syetem, is that it makes use of concrete as the major constructing cloth for the high motives of cost and accessibility: Cement, sand, and stone are without problems accessible in most countries. Concrete also brings additional benefits in phrases of its construct satisfactory and strength, it’s resistance to earthquake tremors; it’s resistance to fire, rot and vermin attack; it’s low noise transmission with correct thermal ability and it’s validated durability, giving lengthy life, with little maintenance. 
The construction of goldapple Aluminum formwork is popular, mainly because the technical indicators are more advanced, and it can meet the requirements of the state and society for construction projects. Aluminum formwork has inherent advantages in stability and bearing capacity, short construction period, wide application range, less joints, high precision and low time cost. At the same time, it can help construction units and workers reduce construction intensity and safety risks. The Aluminum template has a large single plate surface, less joints, high production precision, high bearing capacity, strong resistance to deformation, high construction quality, and can almost reach the quality standard of fair-water concrete construction, without plastering and scraping, and reducing the cost of smashing. It saves the cost of decoration and decoration. In addition, due to the good construction quality, it can effectively reduce the cracking and leakage of the outer wall.