UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013
UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013
UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013
UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013
UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013

UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013

Major Advantages

  • 1000*1300mm printing platform, suitable for printing large-format products.
  • Equipped with 4-7 Toshiba CE4M print heads and its printing quality is exquisite and the accuracy can reach up to 2400dpi.
  • 6-color printing, white color varnish come out at the same time, which can achieve relief effect printing.
  • Multifunctional intelligent maintenance system with stable performance and easy operation.
  • Negative pressure ink supply system ensures stable ink supply during operation.


Print head quantity Printer dimension Nozzle spray force range
4—7pcs 2560mm*2170mm*1320mm 2-3mm
Print speed G.W. Print resolution
1sqm/h-7sqm/h / 300*2400dpi
Print version Connection method Print mode
White and color and varnish print at same time USB CMYKLcLm+W+V/CMYK+W+V/CMYK+W+W+V+V/CMYKLcLm+W+W+V+V
Printer type N.W. Power
Inkjet printer 600KG AC220±10,50HZ~60HZ
Ink type
Environmental UV curing ink


To print fine images on wood panels, you need a good UV wood printer. UV wood printer NC-UV1013 is an effective solution for wood printing. The UV printer for wood direct prints on wood with high resolution and outstanding effect. Whether it is for wall panels, wooden arts, wooden tables, furniture, door, or others, Nocai’s UV wood printer for sale brings you a unique experience with perfect results and simple workflow. With a series of user-friendly function designs, such as the thickness of the material measurement function, the UV printer for wood is easy to use, and the wood printing process will be simpler. The UV printer for wood is mainly used in home furnishing industry, advertising sign industry, etc.

UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013





    UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013
    UV Wood Printer NC-UV1013

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