carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3
carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3
carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3
carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3
carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3

carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3

Major Advantages

  • Various printing forms, the printing height can reach up to 450mm, and it supports the printing of finished products such as boxes and folding cartons.
  • Variable data printing enables intelligent printing of variable elements such as barcodes and serial numbers, reducing the time cost of sorting one by one.
  • Using original HP print head, high precision and fast speed.
  • Original modular ink supply, with built-in ink circulation function, cleaning cloth wipe test with automatic head sealing, and automatic ink circulation in standby time, extending the service life of the print head.
  • It uses water-based pigment ink, which is easy to dry and water-resistant, green and environmentally friendly, low cost, and can print on various water-absorbent materials.


Print head configuration Print resolution Ink type
HP A3 print head*1 1200*1200dpi / 1200*600dpi / 1200*400dpi / 1200*300dpi Water-based ink
Ink tank capacity(CMYK) Print range Printing material range
1000ml/color Nozzle print width 297mm, unlimited length The maximum width of the material is 1000mm, the height is 450mm, and the length is not limited
Applicable material
Print thickness Interface type
Corrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper and other full range of packaging surface paper 450mm Network cable
Voltage Rated power Print method
AC220V,50HZ~60HZ 800W Color only
Print mode Printing speed Print software
CMYK 10~40m/min Nocai Print Tools
Graphic format Printer dimension N.W.
PDF/TIF/JPG 1516mm*1605mm*1595mm 370KG
Packing size G.W. Drying method
1810mm*1760mm*1620mm 580KG Dry naturally
Working environment operating conditions Noise
Temperature:20℃-28℃   Humidity:35%-65% Avoid dusty environments,Avoid direct sunlight Below 75dB


Nocai digital Inkjet Carton Printing Machine,Using water-based pigment ink, easy to dry and water-resistant, rich and diverse printing media, suitable for all kinds of water-absorbing material,  it is applied to packaging products in many industries, and the production efficiency can reach 40m/min at the fastest.

carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3





    carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3
    carton printing machine|NC-HIJ-A3

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