UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60
UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60
UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60
UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60
UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60

UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60

Major Advantages

  • Equipped with 3 Epson I1600-E1 print heads, with an accuracy of up to 1200dpi.
  • The printing width is 60CM, which is suitable for printing on most crystal label roll materials. The winding is integrated, and the material can be torn, printed, laminate, and collected at the same time, saving time, labor, and costs.
  • Supports white color and varnish printing, making it easy to create 3D relief effects.
  • Whether it is LOGO labels or gradient patterns, varnish effects, hot stamping/silvering and other effects can be achieved, meeting the needs of various personalized customization customers. Suitable for various shapes, pasted on various materials, high flexibility.
  • Intelligent control panel, easy to operate, testing, cleaning, printing, etc. can be done with one click. The intelligent crystal label printer independently developed by Nocai has the advantage of stable and efficient lamination.。


Printhead configuration Nozzle spray force range Print size
Epson I1600-E1*3 2-3mm 60cm
Print height Print version Print mode
0-2mm White and color and varnish print at same time KCMY+W+V
Print resolution Printer dimension N.W.
960x1200dpi / 960x900dpi 870mm*1728mm*1535mm 190kg
Packing size G.W. Rip software
1.1m*1.9m*1.6m 260kg Future RIP
Application Print speed Graphic format
Crystal label UV DTF film, release film, advertising soft roll material 1.6-3.9sqm/h Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf
Connection method Power Rated Power
Network cable AC220±10,50HZ~60HZ Max. 330W
Laminating Temperature Working environment Ink type
60-120℃ Temperature:20℃-28℃   Humidity:35%-65% UV DTF film specialized uv cured ink


Nocai 60cm UV DTF laminating all-in-one machine has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision and strong sta-bility. It can also print a label/LOGO. It has a wide range of available materials, high flexibility and simple operation. Printing and laminating are integrated, and automatic lam-inating and winding, reducing human labor and improving production efficiency.

UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60





    UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60
    UV DTF printer|NC-UVDTF60

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