Photo Printer|NC-UV1600
Photo Printer|NC-UV1600
Photo Printer|NC-UV1600
Photo Printer|NC-UV1600
Photo Printer|NC-UV1600

Photo Printer|NC-UV1600

Major Advantages

  • 8-color printing, the picture is more delicate, the color gamut is wider, and the color reproduction is more accurate. Suitable for expressing high-saturation colors often used in the advertising industry.
  • The printing width is 1.6 meters, suitable for most products, such as advertising light boxes KT boards, roll-up banners, photo paper, car stickers, floor stickers, etc.
  • The paper feeding pressure roller is integrated into the mold, and the paper feeding pressure roller can be freely adjusted by software to prevent static ink flying and uneven paper feeding, making the printing size more accurate.
  • Equipped with LED lighting and a transparent front cover with a wider field of view, you can preview the light box effect during the printing process and confirm the printing status at any time.
  • The control panel has multiple functions and is easy to operate. Paper settings, lighting, heating, printing and other functions can be adjusted with one click.


Print head configuration Nozzle spray force range Print size
Epson I3200-U1HD*2 2-3mm 1600mm
Print height Print version Print mode
0-2mm White and color print at same time KCMY Lc Lm Lk LLk/KCMY Lc Lm Lk LLk+W
Print resolution Printer dimension N.W.
720×600、720×900、720×1200 878mm*2728mm*1497mm 300KG
Packing size G.W. Rip software
1.16m*3.3m*1.12m 400KG FlexiPRINT MiniServer 22 Nocai Edition
Print speed Graphic format Connection method
/ Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf Network cable
Power Rated Power Working environment
AC220±10,50HZ~60HZ 500W Temperature:20℃-28℃   Humidity:35%-65%
Ink type Printer type
UV curing ink Digital inkjet printer


The latest 1.6-meter indoor and outdoor advertising eco-solvent printer which launched by Nocai has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and high stability. It is widely used in the advertising industry, such as: advertising light boxes, advertising signs, KT boards, roll-up banners, hanging paintings, wallpapers, car stickers, etc.

Photo Printer|NC-UV1600





    Photo Printer|NC-UV1600
    Photo Printer|NC-UV1600

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