Persistence Is The Core Pursuit For Nocai Company

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Since our establishment in 2009, Nocai has accompanied and been standing together with everyone for 13 years. We are one people, one heart, and a lifetime dedicated to doing one thing well: through the perseverance and down-to-earth learning attitude of Nocai team to learn the technology, dedicate in Research and Development of great products, and bring the best and most stable machines to every one who cares and supports us, You. what are the Nocai people persisting in? What can you get by holding on to these values?

Persistence is the quality and belief rooted in the hearts of every Nocai people.

The first example of persistence comes from: the control of quality. From purchasing incoming materials to forging to assembly, we insists on using no less than 22 technological processes for each uv printing machine for sale. And each craft embodies Nocai people’s dedication to machine stability and excellent quality. The pursuit of excellence is the direction and purpose of Nocai people for machine quality. Every machine delivered to you is made after thousands of tests.

The second example of persistence stems from: the inspection before shipments.

We adhere to the strict product inspection process: before each machine is sent out, it needs to go through a strict 8-hour seismic test. The purpose is to simulate whether our uv digital printing machine can resist various transportation routes. The final test by our QA team ensures that each machine can reach you perfectly.

The third example of Persistence stems from: strict after-sales service requirement.

Adhere to the timely after-sales service: every after-sales staff who has undergone rigorous training and has rich knowledge and skills will attach great importance to the problem after receiving the feedback from you in the usage of uv flatbed machine. After the first investigation of the problem, we will respond patiently and meticulously. At the same time, Nocai conducts a “satisfaction questionnaire” once a month. Through continuous feedback from customers, the after-sales part is continuously optimized to form a good closed loop.

The fourth example of persistence comes from: the meticulousness of all presented contents.

For every detail of the machine, for the design and promotion of major platforms, for the professional knowledge and skills training of personnel in various departments, etc., in the places where you can’t see, it contains the strict requirements that Nocai people persist in themselves. The meticulous pursuit of the presented content.

The fifth example of Persistence stems from: patiently listening to your suggestions or opinions.

Whether it is feedback from sales staff or messages from various channels, we will read every suggestion or opinion carefully, analyze it patiently, listen to the voice of every one of YOU carefully, improve it carefully, and make continuous progress.

We should also thank each of YOU for your unremitting love and support for Nocai for more than 10 years. In the next 10 years, 20 years, and so on…. We firmly focus on making great Nocai products as the pursuit, and make this pursuit to the best! With trust and responsibility, step by step, and steadily and firmly, we will step to a better future ahead together !

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    Persistence Is The Core Pursuit For Nocai Company
    Persistence Is The Core Pursuit For Nocai Company

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