Nocai's April Memorabilia Events

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  • 2024-04-09
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April is a good time to be prosperous. In addition to being more proactive when dealing with work, everyone is full of longing and hope for the future. Now, let’s see what major events happened in Nocai in April.

April 13th  Product Highlights Seminar

Nocai has 9 types of machines on the line now. As a company that has been deeply involved in the small UV flatbed printer industry, in order to bring a better experience to customers, we have called members of the marketing center to express their opinions on the highlights and advantages of the machines. And finally discuss the unique advantages of each machine, maybe you can see it in the near future~

April 15th  Fire drill

In order to improve fire safety awareness, enhance fire emergency self-rescue capabilities, and improve the overall quality of fire safety, all employees of Nocai carried out comprehensive fire safety knowledge training and fire escape drills on April 15th , and resolutely established the concept of “people-oriented, life first” . All employees of Nocai responded and actively participated in this training.

April 18th  First Season Meeting

In April, the work content of the second season of the year officially started. Regarding the achievements, contributions and deficiencies of the past first season, every colleague in the Marketing Center expressed his own opinions and plans for the future. At the same time, the meeting ended with the manager’s summary and plan. It is hoped that in the second season, Nocai people will be able to show their 100% enthusiasm to meet the challenges at work, and continue to bring surprises and better services to every customer!

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    Nocai's April Memorabilia Events
    Nocai's April Memorabilia Events

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