Nocai Mid-Autumn Festival Activity "Enjoy Full Moon And Consolidate Team Unity"

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A wonderful review of the Mid-Autumn Festival “Beautiful flowers and full moon , full of love in Mid-Autumn Festival” activities were held last week. Dear all of our Nocai friends, Long time no see, , how did you spend the Mid-Autumn Festival happily? What kind of mooncake do you eat? What kind of event was held? Have you admired the bright moon hanging in the sky ? In order to welcome the arrival of this Mid-Autumn Festival, Nocai held the activity of “Beautiful Flowers and Full Moon, Full of Love in Mid-Autumn Festival” in Wusha Factory. Let’s take a look at the wonderful activities and feel the strong Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere!

Part 1. Preliminary Preparations For The Event

On the day of the event, in order to ensure that everyone has a good time and can eat with happy, Nocai guys came to the site early to set up the venue and prepare the ingredients. The oncoming atmosphere was full !

Part 2. The Event Is Being Held

At 6:30 p.m., the Nocai people gathered at the interactive site had already made their group. The game is divided into 3 large groups, and the large group is also divided into 3 small groups, adopting the method of holding mineral water bottles in a relay race, and the winners and losers are determined according to the length of time. For the game, everyone is full of interest and eager to try it ! Next, let’s enjoy the wonderful moments of Group A.

Let’s guess which group won in the end? The winning group will be rewarded. The relays of Group B and Group C are also very brave. It seems that everyone is full of confidence in the victory of the game !

During the game, everyone laughed, excited but nervous. In the end, it was the partners in Group C who won. I wonder if you guessed it right?

Part 3. Big Food Party

After the intense and exciting competition, everyone came to enjoy the food with a relaxed and happy mood~ Many guys have used eighteen martial arts, and we have also tasted many flavors of Nocai barbecue.

This event has come to a successful conclusion. Everyone went home with satisfied stomachs and the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts distributed by the company.  The happy Mid-Autumn Festival activities came to an end in a happy atmosphere, and Nocai people were also more closely united in this day’s activities. We believe that in the future, we will also uphold the spirit of unity and mutual assistance, and bring you better and more stable products.


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    Nocai Mid-Autumn Festival Activity "Enjoy Full Moon And Consolidate Team Unity"
    Nocai Mid-Autumn Festival Activity "Enjoy Full Moon And Consolidate Team Unity"

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