China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair

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  • 2024-04-29
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Nocai UV printer flashed China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair, let’s see what you expect? Just from August 31st to September 5th, Nocai UV printer appeared at the China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair. Let’s take a look at the wonderful moments ! CIFTIS is the only national, international and comprehensive service trade platform in the world, and an important channel for China’s service industry to “bring in” and “go out”.

This year’s Service Trade Fair is the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global service trade held under the background of the global economic recovery and the development of international trade facing many new situations and challenges. Focusing on the theme of “service cooperation to promote development and green innovation to meet the future”, 152,000 square meters of exhibitions, 128 special forums, and 65 promotion and negotiation activities were held. And it was a complete success.   

During the exhibition, Nocai brought NC-UV0609PEIII to the service trade fair. With the operation of the machine, the appearance of exquisite gifts makes everyone who stops by not only intuitively understand the Nocai UV printer, but also more clearly understand the operation method of gift processing; not only popularized the knowledge of UV printer, but also It has helped the promotion of cultural and creative blogs, which can be said to win-win.

During these 6 days, Nocai people always adhered to the concept of “Colorful Cultural Expo, Digital Empowerment”, so that everyone who came to the booth could appreciate the exquisite cultural and creative gifts printed and processed by Nocai UV printers, helping the cultural and creative industries, and improve blog promotion.   

In the future, Nocai will take a firm determination and a bigger mission, and focus on making Nocai products as the pursuit, with trust and responsibility, step by step, and move forward steadily and firmly to a better future ! Finally, congratulations on the complete success of the China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Services!



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    China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair
    China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair

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