Will Screen Printing And Thermal Transfer Printing Be Replaced By UV Printing

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  • 2018-08-06
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As a new star in the printing industry in recent years, flatbed digital printing machine has been recognized by more and more people. There must be other printing technologies before UV printers, why are they surpassed or even eliminated by the wardrobe digital printing machine? It can only be said that the advantages of UV printers are too great. So, why do you choose UV printing among screen printing, thermal transfer printing and UV printing? Let us know today.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing method in which the ink is transferred to the substrate through the holes of the orifice plate by pressure. First plate making, mainly paper or other printing plates, punch holes on the plate base, and then extrude through the scraper, that is, pressure, to transfer the printing plate ink to the product through the mesh to form a pattern. Screen printing has no requirements on the smoothness of the product, is suitable for various materials, and has a wide range of adaptability.  

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer refers to the transfer of patterns on the transfer film on the surface of the product by heating and pressing. Thermal transfer is to first make a plate, then make a thermal transfer film, and finally print the pattern on the film, and then print it on the product. It acts through the medium of the membrane. Thermal transfer is suitable for transfer on smooth flat or regular surfaces.     

UV Printing Process

The ink is directly sprayed on the product and heated with a UV lamp. The UV printing pattern is exquisite and bright, and the color gradient effect is good. The product has high added value and has obvious advantages in printing effect and production efficiency. Therefore, its application field has great potential and market.  

Compared with screen printing and thermal transfer process, UV printing process has unparalleled advantages: no plate making, no printing and repeated color registration, can print gradient colors, simple process, printing 3D relief and other effects, green environmental protection, etc. and many other advantages. Therefore, more and more companies and factories are turning to UV printing, and it is believed that the UV printing process will shine in the future.    

To sum up: all kinds of printing have certain advantages in their applicable fields. First, which printing method should be selected according to the characteristics of product materials, surfaces, etc., to see which printing method is suitable for the product, and then according to the cost, pattern effect, Choose the appropriate printing method based on factors such as pattern adhesion, whether to export or to be certified. Well, I hope the above content can help you, welcome to leave a message to communicate, for more information, please pay attention to NuoCai – digital uv printer supplier in China, your most trusted original UV printer manufacturer, weekly updated UV flatbed printer content~

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    Will Screen Printing And Thermal Transfer Printing Be Replaced By UV Printing
    Will Screen Printing And Thermal Transfer Printing Be Replaced By UV Printing

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