Even Small UV Printers Have Their Shining Points

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  • 2018-07-30
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In today’s daily life, you may think that the production of UV printers is a big machine, because the production efficiency of small machines may not be fast enough compared to large ones. This is what everyone does not know about small UV printers. So what are the advantages of small machines that everyone does not understand? Let’s have a look below.

 The advantages of small UV printers are:

1. Today’s market is a market that pursues innovation. The more personalized something is, the more popular it is and the easier it is to innovate. The traditional printing process can no longer satisfy the whimsical works of some product designers. UV printers can complete any graphics you need to express, such as gradient color printing, complex multi-color printing, etc. The printing quality can be described as photo-level, and it can be printed and dried without plate making.

2. Small UV printers can complete 3D relief, varnish, and high drop effects, making the product look lifelike, and thus widely loved by consumers. These effects make the original seemingly bland products instantly have vitality, and these processed effects are also widely used in products in many industries.

3. Green and environmental protection, less pollution. With the rapid development of industry in the future, environmental pollution will become more and more serious. Responding to the country’s call to strengthen environmental protection is also of great help compared to its future development path. Today’s UV flatbed printers drop-on-demand, which neither wastes nor pollutes sewage. The printing process of small format uv flatbed printer does not produce noise and realizes a green and pollution-free production process.

Disadvantages of small UV printers are as follows:

1. Color correction is complicated.

2. Compared with silk screen printing, pad printing and other processes, the speed is slower;

3. In daily life, careful care is needed, otherwise parts replacement or failure rate is high;

4. It is temporarily impossible to print reflective materials;

5. There must be skilled workers with many years of experience, difficulty in operation, and large demand for personnel.

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    Even Small UV Printers Have Their Shining Points
    Even Small UV Printers Have Their Shining Points

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