When Buying A Digital Printing Machine, Why Some Are Cheap And Some Are Expensive

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  • 2018-03-20
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Many people are saying that I want to buy a digital printing machine for personal customization. Since it is a small workshop, the cost cannot be too high. If you see a high-priced machine, you will just say that the price is too high, and I won’t consider it. But if for an experienced purchaser to considers buying a digital printing machine , he should not only consider the price. If it’s really that simple to determine whether to buy a machine just because of price,then that’s too easy to be a sale. In the market, digital printing machines prices are some cheap and some are high. So what is the reason for such a big difference in the price of UV printers? Next, I would like to introduce the reasons for this to everyone, Let’s learn something by taking some notes:

First of all, the dealer platform consulted is different. There are three marketing channels that sell machinery equipment in the market: manufacturers, OEMs, and regional agents. It is very easy to understand, the direct sales price of the factory price and the price of the regional agent. Therefore, the price of consulting the manufacturer is undoubtedly cheaper and more competitive. On the contrary, when consulting the regional agent, the price is of course high. In order to better save costs and time, some customers prefer to buy UV printers nearby. Most of the local retail stores are regional agents and do not have real technical consulting capabilities. Therefore, it is recommended that many customers purchase machinery equipment or take full consideration of on-site inspections directly to the manufacturer.

Second, the main equipment of the machine is the nozzle configuration of the uv flatbed printer. The popular Print head on the market are: Epson Print head, Ricoh Print head, and Seiko Print head. The more cost-effective epson Print head, one or two Print head can be used to complete the color configuration scheme of 1 machine equipment, followed by Ricoh Print head must be completed with at least 3 Print head, and then Seiko Print head One printer nozzle and one ink circuit, at least five Print head can be completed. Therefore, different printer nozzle configurations have different machine equipment prices.

Third, the entire equipment structure and related electronic parts. This is usually a part that customers easily overlook. For example, the screw, platform, guide rail, motor and other components used by the first-line brand manufacturers are usually 50% higher than the cost of the smaller brands. This combined situation Next, the digital printing machine with the same configuration has a difference of 20,000 to 40,000. In this regard, it is suggested that customers do not have to be greedy for small and cheap, otherwise the maintenance cost in the future will be much higher than the difference in the loss caused by delaying customer orders. However, it needs to be thoughtful. It does not mean that equipment with an inflated price is good. The average price fluctuates by 10-15% in the industry. It is appropriate to fully consider.

The last one, related service facilities and service costs also determine the price of flatbed printers. When inspecting machinery and equipment on the spot, most customers always blindly understand the price of the equipment, and ignore the future service, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses of the machinery equipment. In the subconscious mind, you will feel that you need to provide after-sales maintenance services when you buy machinery and equipment. As a result, after-sales maintenance services usually have to pay for the travel and labor costs, but also the parts and components required by the manufacturer. 

In summary, to buy a UV printer that is suitable for your own use, you don’t have to stay on the price all the time. Only by comparing all aspects can you choose a UV printer that is suitable for yourself. If you want to know more about digital printing machine price list,  you can call our editor of Nocai to give you more detailed answers.Nocai is uv printing machine manufacturers.  Candice Chen 18664538711

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    When Buying A Digital Printing Machine, Why Some Are Cheap And Some Are Expensive
    When Buying A Digital Printing Machine, Why Some Are Cheap And Some Are Expensive

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