Digital Printing Machine In Different environments, Can You Use It Well

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Why is there floating ink again And Why is there a double image?

Environmental factors play an important part in digital printing machine. In this article, we mainly focus on the most direct relationship with digital printing equipment. Such as the ground level and load-bearing capacity of the computer room, the temperature and humidity of the computer room and the paper and spare parts warehouse, air exchange, the dust, hygiene, rats, cockroaches of the computer room, circuit settings, configuration, etc. Next we roughly talk about these aspects.

1. The ground level and load-bearing capacity of the computer room

The poor ground level will directly cause the internal deformation of the equipment, increase the failure rate, and affect the output quality. In serious cases, it may shorten the life of the equipment. The level of the ground is also the easiest Ignored places for everyone.And if the ground load is not good, there is no problem when it is first installed, and the machine will slowly tilt after a period of use. The problem of frequent equipment failures caused by the ground level and poor load-bearing is quite deep in the author’s maintenance experience. It is recommended to check the ground level and the level of the equipment when installing the equipment. 

2. The temperature, humidity and ventilation of the computer room:

It is the basic imaging principles of uv digital printing machine that we have mentioned before, it is not difficult for us to understand that if the temperature and humidity of the computer room often change greatly, it is easy to cause color and density instability. Excessive temperature and humidity can easily cause problems such as transfer failure, paper jams, and frequent equipment adjustments, and will also accelerate the aging of parts. Too low temperature and humidity can also cause problems such as poor transfer, excessive static electricity, and frequent paper jams. The recommended temperature is: 20-28 degrees Celsius and humidity 35-65%RH.

In order to control the temperature and humidity of the computer room, a heating and cooling air conditioner (depending on the local climate), a dehumidifier or a humidifier should be installed in the computer room. At the same time, it is recommended that the temperature and humidity in the computer room do not change drastically within a short period of time. It is best to maintain the computer room. The temperature and humidity are at a relatively fixed level and should not fluctuate too much. In the production process of digital equipment, ozone is also generated. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties. Excessive ozone will not only adversely affect equipment components, but also harm the human body. Therefore, air exchange should be carried out in the computer room.

3. The environmental sanitation of the computer room:

As the digital printing machine needs to circulate air for heat dissipation and exhaust exhaust gas, if there is too much dust in the air in the computer room, the dust will easily enter the inside of the machine. This will cause the failure of optical components on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will also accelerate the aging and damage of machine parts and increase the cost of use. In my maintenance experience, mice and cockroaches often enter the equipment to bite off the wiring, pee on the circuit board, and even more often, mice make nests in the machine. Imagine that in such an environment, don’t talk about quality anymore, it will burn high scent if it can be turned on normally.

4. Power supply that meets the requirements of the equipment:

The power supply is also easy to be ignored. There are several basic requirements for the power supply; first, the voltage must be stable, and there are many cases of equipment circuit board burnt due to voltage instability, and it can be installed if possible Voltage stabilizer, the choice of voltage stabilizer needs to be purchased according to the maximum power of the equipment plus 30% of the idle power. Secondly, the ground wire must be correct. Incorrect ground wires such as not installing the ground wire, connecting the ground wire to the neutral wire, connecting the ground wire to the drain pipe, etc. may cause safety hazards and easily cause circuit failure;

The third is that the square number of wires should be enough. The square number refers to the cross-sectional area of the wire. In fact, it is the thickness of the wire. The thickness of the wire should be determined according to the power of the equipment. If the wire used is much lower than the actual need. Square number, it is easy to cause the line to heat up and cause a fire. The author has personally witnessed the case of the wire burning due to the wire being too thin; the fourth is to install an independent air switch, which can be used when a short circuit or overload occurs in the equipment. Disconnect the circuit immediately to avoid more serious damage.

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    Digital Printing Machine In Different environments, Can You Use It Well
    Digital Printing Machine In Different environments, Can You Use It Well

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