UV Printing Makes Personalized Logo More Colorful

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  • 2018-05-19
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The logo, interpreted as a logo / trademark, plays a role in identifying and promoting the company. Through the image of the logo, users can deeply remember the main body and brand culture of the company. It is the core part of the visual communication element of the enterprise, representing the business philosophy, value orientation and cultural characteristics of the enterprise. In this blog, we detail the tips for making logos with a UV printer machine.

Logo design needs to be concise and clear, rich in content but clear at a glance, easy to identify and remember. Therefore, most signs are displayed in the form of graphics, text or a combination of graphics and text. In the Internet age, most of the logos of new brands are rich in colors, patterns and details, and they hope to show their trend awareness and unique personality from their logos. Under the development trend of new retail, many online brands are gradually going offline, and the first thing offline is the physical screen logo.

It seems like a simple sentence, but after careful observation, you will find that many physical logos on the market are monochrome and fixed colors. Even if the main color of its VI design is color, the actual logos produced are not the same. This is because in the past, colored logos could only be achieved through the color of the material itself, silk-screen overlays or baking paint, which made many gradient, 3D, and multi-color effects impossible to achieve, and complex patterns required extremely high operational skills.

The construction period is also quite long, the loss is extremely high, not to mention the cost. So many brands settle for the next best thing and choose a primary color for their logo. The technology developed by NUOCAI UV printing presses over the years makes this easy. No matter how complicated the color and pattern are, as long as the design drawing and the corresponding color number are provided, it can be printed quickly without relying on the UV printing machine plate.

The gradient effect that traditional technology cannot achieve can also be easily achieved by UV printing – professional or visual color matching according to the physical presentation to achieve the best effect. Today, the brand pays special attention to delicate details, and uses UV printers to make them so that every line and every little point can be clearly presented. With the special-shaped engraving, forward lighting, backlight lighting and other processes of logo production, it can almost completely restore various characteristics of the screen logo.

For some personalized theme brands, UV printing can provide more creative space for the presentation of the logo. For example, wood, bamboo, iron plate, leather, etc. can be used as the presentation carrier of the logo. UV printer is not only a mobile cover printing machine, but also the first choice of many people in the retail industry. Taking the mobile phone case printing industry as an example, a small mobile phone case printer manufacturer can buy one, which is enough to support the operation of the entire store.

The number of purchases of large enterprises can be quantified, which is more conducive to the expansion of business territory. Through UV printing, you can open up invincible brain holes, unleash your creativity, and design a unique logo for your brand! Hope the above content is helpful to you; if you are interested in our uv flatbed printer, please leave us a message.

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    UV Printing Makes Personalized Logo More Colorful
    UV Printing Makes Personalized Logo More Colorful

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