How to Control Costs and Improve Production Capacity?

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With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasingly high demands of the market for customization and efficiency, UV flatbed printers are widely used in production by manufacturers. Manufacturers buy and use flatbed printers to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and make profits quickly, but they are mainly concerned about how to make profits.

Before discussing the cost of UV flatbed printers, we must first understand what hidden cost consumption problems exist in the production or processing process of most companies? This invisible consumption share is often an important factor in increasing the price of UV flatbed printers or the potential consumption of UV flatbed printers. In terms of pure printing cost, the UV flatbed printer mainly refers to the cost of ink per square meter, which is related to many factors:

1. DPI, which stands for resolution. Simply put, it’s the number of inkjet dots per square. The more dots you spray, the more complete the image you get and the more ink you consume. But the number of points varies greatly, and some may exceed half.

2. Whether to spray white ink, such as glass on the market, if you need to spray white background, there will be additional processes. The price of white UV ink is generally higher than that of color UV ink. the cost will be higher.

3. It depends on the effect you want to print. For example, if you print a full-width color pattern, the ink cost is about 6-7 yuan, and if it is an embossed effect, it is more expensive.

For enterprises, production time, technical requirements of workers, input of raw materials, and input of production equipment are all sources of cost to the enterprise. For companies, production time is synonymous with efficiency and production time is an advantage. This is often the objective of companies to consider. So how can UV flatbed printers help businesses reduce hidden costs?

1. Shorten Production Time

Reducing production time begins with the maturity of the skills of our workers and the equipment we use. The first factory is the equipment production speed. The UV flatbed printer adopts high-tech inkjet printing technology, so the print head does not print directly with the substrate to achieve high-speed printing. The second is efficiency: the high color reproduction of four or eight colors ensures print quality and reduces waste generation. The last is intelligent control. The whole printing process can be realized by computer, which saves the process of plate making, film coating, baking, etc., and improves printing efficiency.

2. Save on Labor Costs

And above all, the reduction of labor costs. UV flatbed printers reduce the traditional printing process that can be done by four or five people to a maximum of two people. The flatbed printer has no high technical requirements for operators, which can reduce the difficulty of finding technicians for enterprises, and the pressure to pay salaries is not large, thus increasing the profits of businesses. For UV flatbed printer manufacturers, factories, businesses, etc., this part of the economy is essential. The above is my summary. I hope it will be useful to you. If you have better supplements or suggestions? You can tell us in the comments!

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    How to Control Costs and Improve Production Capacity?
    How to Control Costs and Improve Production Capacity?

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