How to Choose a UV Flatbed Printer Rationally?

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  • 2018-05-12
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Many people prefer to watch advertisements when choosing UV flatbed printers, and often the end result will be fruitful. We must maintain objective, rational and logical thinking and account for cost gains and losses. Therefore, there are generally three mental states to maintain:

1. Defects are More Critical Than Advantages

If you can’t stand the faults of UV flatbed printers, such as: its maintenance is too inconvenient, affected by temperature and humidity, its operation requires professional technicians, etc. Even though it has many advantages, it is not very helpful to customers. These disadvantages depend on customer acceptance.

2. Owning a UV Flatbed Printer Doesn’t Mean Making Money

Although the current UV printing market still has great potential, the price of small UV printers is not expensive. For many people who want to enter this industry, UV printers are suitable for customization and small batch production, so they are very user-friendly. However, in operation, it involves business premises, management of operations, costs, etc. If the market, personnel and business conditions are not well understood, it is likely to fail.

Although the promotion of UV flatbed printers in the market is that they can print hundreds of materials, they can do a variety of 3d and 4d three-dimensional embossed patterns. However, limited by customer’s selling market, commodity, etc., only a small amount of packaging and printing is done on several kinds of materials. For example, UV digital printing machines for glasses cases are subject to the market, and most of the production can only be limited to printing temples, glasses cases and peripheral products. Therefore, when buying a UV printer, you should carefully analyze your industry and make a decision.

The above are the points friends should consider before choosing a UV flatbed printer. The technical strength of different manufacturers of UV flatbed printers is very different, and due to the different management concepts, the quality of the equipment is also different. So you don’t have to blindly follow trends. You have to go to the site to see more and more comparisons. As a national digital UV printer supplier, NOCAI has 13 years of experience in independent design and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in the industry, and quality, safety and product stability is guaranteed. If you are interested in our UV flatbed printer, please leave a message to us.

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    How to Choose a UV Flatbed Printer Rationally?
    How to Choose a UV Flatbed Printer Rationally?

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