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How To Choose A UV Printer?

UV printer is one of the most popular digital printing devices on the market at present. It adopts high-tech ultraviolet curing technology, and can directly print various images and characters on the surfaces of various materials. UV printer has the advantages of high precision, high definition, high color reproduction, high waterproof and durability, so it is widely used in advertising production, gift customization, identify production, packaging material printing and other fields. Nowadays, there are many brands and models of UV printers in the market, and the prices are quite different. So, for those who want to buy a cost-effective UV printer, how can they choose the one that suits them best? The following article will introduce how to buy UV printers from the following aspects.

First,  Choose Famous Brands

Choosing a well-known brand of UV printer has many advantages. First of all, the printing stability of well-known brand UV printers is relatively good, and it is not easy to break down. At the same time, the after-sales service provided by manufacturers is also more perfect. Secondly, the UV printers produced by well-known brands are relatively more mature in technology research and development, and the printing effect is more reliable and excellent.

Second,Choose The Appropriate Printing Materials

UV printer can be used for printing of various materials, such as film, PET, PVC, PC, acrylic, wood board, air mold and other materials. When choosing a UV printer, we should decide the type of materials it needs to print according to the actual needs, and then choose the corresponding UV printer model.

Third, Determine The Required Printing Size

Generally, the printing sizes of UV printers are A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and other specifications. When purchasing a UV printer, you should first make clear the required printing size, and then choose the appropriate model. Generally speaking, the larger the printing size, the higher the price of UV printer, which should be paid attention to when purchasing.

Forth, Consider The Printing Speed

The printing speed of UV printer has a great influence on working efficiency. If you need to handle a large number of printing jobs, then you need to choose a UV printer with faster printing speed. However, rapid printing will also have a certain impact on printing quality, which also needs to be considered when purchasing.

Fifth, Choose A High-resolution UV Printer

The resolution of UV printer determines the quality of printed matter. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the higher the clarity and fidelity of printed matter. Therefore, when purchasing a UV printer, you can consider choosing a model with higher resolution, so that the printed effect will be even better.

Sixth, Understand The Ink Type of UV Printer

UV printers use a variety of inks, such as water-based inks and oily inks. Different ink types have certain adaptability differences for different printing materials, so it is necessary to carefully understand the characteristics of various inks and choose the ink type that suits your needs when purchasing UV printers.

Seventh, Pay attention to the stability of UV printer

UV printer is a kind of high-tech equipment, and its stability plays a very important role in the quality of printed matter and production efficiency. Therefore, when purchasing a UV printer, it is necessary to carefully understand its failure rate, operational stability, material adaptability and other aspects, and choose a model with good stability.

Eighth, Consider The After-sales Service of UV Printers

UV printer is a large equipment, and after-sales service is very important. When purchasing a UV printer, you need to know the guarantee of the after-sales service of the manufacturer, including repair, maintenance and training. At the same time, it is best to choose a well-known brand with good after-sales service guarantee when purchasing, so that you can use and maintain the equipment with more peace of mind. In a word, when purchasing UV printers, we should proceed from our own needs, combine the above aspects, and consider comprehensively to choose a UV printer suitable for our own needs, so as to improve production efficiency and print quality.

What Should Beginners Pay Attention To When Using UV Printers ?

With the advancement of modern digital printing technology, more and more people are starting to buy their own UV printers. But for novices, they may encounter many problems when using UV printers, so some things need to be paid attention to to ensure the stability and effectiveness of using UV printers.

1. Safe Use of Electricity

UV printing requires high power, so it is recommended to use it under professional guidance. At the same time, pay attention to the power supply line of the UV printer. You cannot use inferior power supplies, and must meet the formal certification standards. For the sake of safety, an anti-leakage switch must also be installed during work, especially in an environment with high temperature and humidity.

2. Handle The Printing Media Properly

The UV flatbed printer can print directly on the top of the material, but on the flat UV printer, the printing medium must be fixed on the printing platform, otherwise there will be errors in the printing accuracy.

3. Adjust The Print Quality:

UV printers have different print quality settings, choose according to your needs. Various print-quality settings affect print speed and color performance, so you’ll need to adjust them accordingly.

4. Maintain Printing Accuracy

Printing accuracy is achieved by outputting dots of different colors. Small head pitch and ink output control both indicate print quality, while XY motion and Z-axis flow indicate positional or alignment accuracy.

5. Calibrate Color:

When using a UV flatbed printer, you must remember to calibrate the color. Using a UV scanner in a calibrated microscope, it is possible to detect the degree of color difference of each color patch. If deviations occur, the settings must be returned to ensure correct color reproduction.

6. Use The Correct Ink And Configuration:

UV printers are very sensitive, so inks specially formulated for UV printers must be used to ensure the best printing results.

7. Timely Cleaning:

Always keep your UV printer clean. Regular cleaning and replacement of consumables such as nozzles, cleaning fluid, filters in the vacuum cleaner, etc., ensure that the printer is always running at its best.

8. Determine The Size of The Printing Material

Before printing the material, confirm its actual size, and make corresponding settings and measurements according to the needs of each printing job. Material that is too large or too small can negatively affect print quality and can result in unnecessary waste of consumables.

9. Backup Files

Before you start printing, it is a good idea to store all required data on your computer, or make a backup. This makes it easier to fix errors or reprint should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

10. Check Machine Status

Before operating the UV printer, please check whether the consumables are sufficient, whether the ink is filled, etc. In addition, the sprinkler head should also be cleaned/maintained to ensure it is in good condition, while also ensuring that its work surface is clean and has sufficient work space.

11. Set Up The Printer Correctly

Although every model and brand of UV printer has a similar setup process, user manuals are still subject to change, so make sure to read the instruction manual and follow the instructions before getting started.

12. Carry Out Regular Maintenance On The Machine

The good condition of UV printer is inseparable from daily maintenance. Regularly check the printer to make sure it is in top condition and lubricate the guide rails etc. regularly. It should be noted that this article only provides some basic matters for using UV printers. If you need to learn more about related technologies and knowledge, you should also consult professional UV printer operators.

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    Unlock Creativity With High-Performance UV Printer
    Unlock Creativity With High-Performance UV Printer

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