Solutions To Printing Ghosts of UV Flatbed Printer

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UV flatbed printer is a common printing equipment in modern production and manufacturing. It uses UV ink for printing on different materials, which makes the printing effect more fine and full, and the drying time is shorter. However, sometimes ghosting problems are encountered when using UV flatbed printers. This problem can result in poor print quality and wasted time and money. In this article, we will discuss the causes and solutions of the printing ghosting problem of UV flatbed printers, and help readers quickly solve this problem. 

First, The Cause of The Ghosting Problem

If you want to solve the ghosting problem of UV flatbed printers, you first need to understand why it occurs. At present, there are two main types of mainstream UV flatbed printer technologies on the market: turbo coated printers and high version UV flatbed printers. By comparing the two techniques, we can find the reason for ghosting.

Turbo Coater Printer

Turbo coater printers are an old fashioned UV flatbed printer technology. Its print head can only do a single inkjet, and cannot do multiple inkjet like the high-end UV flatbed printer. When the coating is too thick or the position of the nozzle is not accurate, it is easy to produce ghosting. In addition, the ink cartridge may also have problems such as clogging and poor quality, which will cause instability when the UV ink is ejected, resulting in ghosting.

High Version UV Flatbed Printer

The high version UV flatbed printer is a more novel printing technology. Compared with turbo coating printers, it applies digital technology to printing and can achieve multiple inkjet printing. However, ghosting issues may still occur when using advanced UV flatbed printers. The reasons mainly include the following two aspects:

(1) Print head failure. The print head of a UV flatbed printer can easily fail due to factors such as dust, sediment, gear wear and even circuit failure. Ghosting occurs when the printhead fails to release ink evenly. At this point, we need to clean the print head and perform necessary maintenance.

(2) The software control of the UV flatbed printer is very important, wrong software settings or data input may cause ghosting. For example, if the previous setting is not completely cleared when adjusting the film thickness, ghosting will occur on the print. In addition, misinterpreting factors that play a key role in decoding can also cause ghosting.You need to reset the software and plan a more efficient and stable strategy to mitigate the ghosting problem.

The Method To Solve The Ghosting Problem

Now that we have understood the reasons for ghosting in UV flatbed printers, let’s discuss how to solve this problem. In practice, you can try some of the following solutions:

1. Clean the nozzle: Clean the nozzle to make sure it is free of attachments or dirt. Cleaning head liquid or detergent can be used to help clean up.

2. Calibrate the print head: calibrate the print head by means of electronic or optical calibration to ensure that the print head completes the precise positioning of the working platform.

3. Check belt or slides: Check belts or slides for debris, oil, and wear. If so, they should be cleaned or repaired.

4. Adjust environmental parameters: If the printer is in a high humidity, high temperature or low temperature environment, you should adjust the environmental parameters to ensure a relatively stable environment and avoid sudden changes in temperature or air pressure.

5. Replacing the Nozzle: If the measures described above do not resolve the ghosting problem, the nozzle may need to be replaced.

Please note that before performing the above maintenance and repair operations, be sure to turn off the UV printer and disconnect the power supply to ensure safety. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please consider contacting the vendor or technical support team for more detailed instructions.

How Much Is The General Price of Digital Printing Machine ?

Digital jet printing technology is an advanced technology that has been widely used in the printing industry in recent years. It uses a computer control system to print digitally, and relies on nozzles to spray ink to form images or characters. Digital jet printers have various specifications and models in terms of color quantity and color quality, so their price ranges are also very wide.

For commercial users, the price of a digital printer can be influenced by several factors, including the number of colors required, resolution, speed, size and features, among others. When purchasing a digital printing machine, the price of a high-end model may be as high as hundreds of thousands or even higher, while a low-end model may only cost 10,000 to 20,000 yuan or even less. Depending on the economics of the usage scenarios and their configurations, the cost of digital inkjet printers varies greatly, and there will be considerable maintenance costs and consumable costs during future use.

In addition, when purchasing a digital inkjet printer, you need to take into account additional costs, such as conveyor belts, reverse osmosis water systems, and UV lamp curing systems. These fees also affect the overall cost. Although the economic price to pay for choosing a digital jet printer may be one of the key factors for users to consider purchasing, it does not represent the overall value of the equipment. Since the digital jet printer can provide high-resolution, high-speed and high-precision image output, it provides users with many advantages in saving energy and material costs. Factors such as environment, technology and technical support.

How Much Is The General Price of A Digital Inkjet Printer ?

First, understand the different types and specifications of digital inkjet printers. Digital inkjet printers have a variety of specifications and models in terms of color quantity and color quality, so their price ranges are also very wide. Color quantity is an important consideration in determining whether equipment is compatible with high-volume printing. There is also a tradeoff between cost and performance, and in some cases more expensive inkjet versions may offer greater productivity, speed, and resolution. In addition, the cost of digital jet printers of different brands and models may also be different. As with any other electronic equipment, it is important to carefully study parameters such as features and performance, quality and price of various brands and digital printing press models on the market, and then compare them.

In addition to this, the associated additional costs need to be taken into account. Although the cost price of a digital printing machine may be one of the key factors for users to consider purchasing, it does not represent the overall value of the equipment. When purchasing a digital printing machine, it is necessary to budget for additional expenditures such as maintenance costs and consumables (such as ink) to ensure the continuity of the normal operation of the equipment and avoid unexpected economic fluctuations on the entire business. Finally, due to many changes in the market and technological development, the subject matter of digital inkjet printers and the characteristics of the required optimization work will also change over time. Therefore, when choosing a digital inkjet printer, it is necessary to follow up the market dynamics, and try as many different brands and models as possible, and at the same time, make the most sensible decision with the dealer or channel provider.


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    Solutions To Printing Ghosts of UV Flatbed Printer
    Solutions To Printing Ghosts of UV Flatbed Printer

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