machine that prints on wood

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  • 2019-05-29
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  The development of printers has played an important role in our lives, and can turn various things around us into patterns or characters. Therefore, with the development of printing technology, people have been constantly exploring and innovating. In recent years, with the popularization of digital UV printing technology, there are more and more digital UV flat printers on the market. It is widely used not only in the family, but also in the industrial field. And now, this technology has achieved a breakthrough in “printing on wood”.

  The so-called “printing on wood” refers to the process of using digital UV flat printing technology to directly print patterns or characters on the surface of wood. With the continuous introduction of new materials and technologies, the application of this technology in wood product production, particle board, MDF, sports equipment and other fields has gradually increased. Believe in the future, it will be seen in more fields and industries.

  Using digital UV flat printing technology has obvious advantages in wood printing. First of all, this technology has the characteristics of high precision, high resolution, and high speed, which makes the printing effect more obvious. Second, patterns on wood can be colorful, colorful, and large prints can be achieved. In addition, the UV ink used in this technology has long-lasting properties such as not being afraid of water, not being afraid of sunlight, and scratch resistance, so that the printed pattern can be maintained for a long time.

  However, it is not an easy task to print clear patterns and characters on wood. Because compared with traditional flat printers, printing on wood needs to solve more problems such as coating uniformity, color accuracy, and printing marks. However, due to the continuous optimization of digital UV flat printing technology, many companies have gradually accumulated rich experience, thus creating their own world in wood printing.

  In addition, in the process of “printing on wood”, special adaptations are required. First of all, it is necessary to make reasonable adjustments according to changes in the humidity of the atmospheric environment. Secondly, on the grease and other pollutants remaining on the wood surface, select the appropriate adaptive ink and perform automatic cleaning. Finally, it is necessary to test and analyze various types of wood in order to better grasp the characteristics and printing effects of different materials.

  Overall, the technical advantages of “printing on wood” cannot be ignored. It can not only achieve high-quality printing, but also has the characteristics of good stability and durability, and is suitable for various wood product production and industry fields. It is believed that in the days to come, with the continuous development and improvement of this technology, it will be able to promote the development and innovation of more wood products, and bring more green, environmentally friendly and high-quality products to people.

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    machine that prints on wood
    machine that prints on wood

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