Small UV Printing Machine:Brilliant For Ordinary Wood

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  • 2018-03-14
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What can a piece of wood do through the small uv printing machine? There are many types of painting materials on the market today. Only the works of wood painting materials are the most intriguing. They mix the texture and fragrance of wood, as well as the impression of that era. A simple log piling or a dilapidated ship board, met with a small uv printing machine and transformed into a work of art full of vitality, people gave him a name-wood painting. More details click Products for more information !

As the name suggests, wood painting is based on wood (cedar, pine, oak, etc.), and the picture is painted on the wood panel to achieve a decorative effect. Traditional wood-panel painting is usually hand-painted, which not only requires professional painting skills, but also takes a long time and cannot be mass-produced. The development of inkjet printing technology, especially the emergence of uv flatbed printing machine, has solved this problem well. At present, the common way is to use uv flatbed printing machine to print wood panels. The common shape of wood board painting is flat. Hand-made wood board painting is made with paint, so the surface will be slightly raised when touched by hand; while wood board painting made by  can be touched by hand. If the plane is non-touch, it can also be made into a concave-convex three-dimensional effect like a hand-painted method, that is, the relief effect we often call.

With the continuous improvement of inkjet printing technology, it has become a very simple matter to print exquisite patterns on a flat surface. UV flatbed printers can not only print pictures on wooden boards, but also print 3D varnishes according to customer needs. Relief effect. As the protective layer of the picture, the varnish can improve the anti-fouling, abrasion resistance and moisture resistance of the picture, make the picture color lasting and beautiful, and bring a smoother and more delicate touch. Because of the uv flatbed printing machine, the production of decorative paintings will become easier and more freely.

Of course, uv flatbed printing machine can not only print on wood, but also print on many materials, such as photo paper, glass, PVC plastic, ceramic tiles, acrylic, leather, and canvas. If you want to know more about UV printer or uv flatbed printing machine,, or want to know the price of UV printer, you can call our editor of Nocai to give you more detailed answers.Nocai is uv printing machine manufacturers.  Candice Chen 18664538711

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    Small UV Printing Machine:Brilliant For Ordinary Wood
    Small UV Printing Machine:Brilliant For Ordinary Wood

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