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In recent months, uv flatbed printer for sale has shown an obvious upward trend. Now let us talk about what a UV printer is.

1. Why is it called a UV printing machine ?

The UV printing machine uses UV ink, which is a liquid consumable, not a solid or a toner. The reason why the products printed by UV printers can be printed and dried is also because UV ink has a violent chemical effect on ultraviolet light and can instantly solidify. UV, which full name is exactly the word ultraviolet light.

2. What is the RGB mode of the UV printing machine ?

The RGB mode of UV printers is a standard for industrial printing. RGB is actually an abbreviation for the three colors of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). If we have studied art, we should all know that the colors that humans can perceive are formed by the combination of these three colors. Including the monitors used by our computers are calibrated with the three colors of RGB, now you understand the importance of these three colors to UV printers, right?


3. CMYK mode of UV printing machine

These three colors actually exist, and they are the colors used in industrial printing, which is also used by UV printers. This is a universal standard color developed by the entire printing industry. There are four colors of cyan (c), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K) that can be superimposed on each other and mixed into multiple colors. For the four channels in our common Photoshop software, all printing industries must have these four sample colors to be able to produce a variety of colors. Of course, some powerful manufacturers add LC (light blue), LM (light red), and W (white) to make the products printed by UV printers more colorful.

4. Working principle of UV printing machine

The working principle of Nocai small format uv flatbed printer is to use piezoelectric inkjet printing technology to directly contact with different materials, and then spray the ink on the product according to our needs to achieve printing. Since there are thousands of nozzles on the nozzle, it is impossible to see with our eyes. The nozzle is a sophisticated instrument that cannot be produced in China, and it is generally imported from Japan. Common nozzles are: Epson, Seiko, Toshiba, Konica, Ricoh, Kyocera.

5. What products can UV printing machine do ?

The UV printer is a product of modern high technology, introduced to China from abroad, and it has a history of more than ten years in China. Because UV printers are not limited by materials, they can print on doors, windows, glass, tiles, wood, metal, plastic, stone, leather, ceiling soft film, mobile phone cases, PVC, acrylic and other materials, with high accuracy, comparable to SLR . Compared with traditional printing, it does not need to be plate-made, and it is brushed and taken, which is why UV printers are so popular.

6. What are the advantages of UV printing machine ?

UV printers are different from traditional printing. Traditional printing requires plate-making and printing, while UV printers only need to put the image in the computer and can modify it arbitrarily on the computer. After finishing the images on the computer, you can print them directly. Traditional printing takes several days to dozens of days from design to delivery, but UV printing machine can complete the design and proofing in 5 minutes, which can be produced in small batches, as well as large-scale production. Because the UV printer uses uv ink, it will not produce domestic waste water, and at the same time, it is controlled by the computer to ink on demand, which will not waste products and is very environmentally friendly.

7. What are the disadvantages of UV printing machine ?

In fact, UV printers do not have any shortcomings. If you have to say the shortcomings are that the ink is expensive. We should start from our own needs. After all, every industry has areas that each industry is good at, so we should choose according to our own needs.

8. Which UV printing machine is better ?

Due to the high demand for UV printers in the market, there are now many UV printer manufacturers. Now there are about 2,000 large and small domestic manufacturers, but there are relatively few that have real strength and core technology. Of course, when we purchase the machine, we should visit the door to check the printing effect of the machine, the scale of the factory and the R&D strength, and finally make a judgment.

If you want to know more about UV printing machine, or want to know the price of uv printer flatbed, you can call the editor of Nocai to give you more detailed answers. Candice Chen +86 18664538711

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    Nocai UV Flatbed Printer For Sale
    Nocai UV Flatbed Printer For Sale

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