Saudi Customers: Screen Printing in the Advertising Industry ? UV Printers Help You Create More Possibilities !

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Nocai UV Printing Machine Manufacturer Thinks It’s Time To Innovate

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise’s survival and development, and transformation is the first opportunity for development. We are deeply influenced by this corporate culture. In addition to innovation and transformation, how to solve difficulties for customers when they feel confused is our core focus. The following is a real case sharing, let’s take a look at how we solve customer problems and help him discover deeper needs.

When we browsed the inquiry information of Alibaba by chance, we met Abshir, a customer from Saudi Arabia. At that time, he was planning to participate in the exhibition in China, and I had a detailed discussion with him twice in the hotel and an in-depth discussion outside the exhibition. Finally, Abshir was invited to our company for a visit. Mr. Abshir runs a company specializing in the production of logo signs, covering a wide range: such as common instrument nameplates, medals, hotel logos, badges, etc.

Since the technology used in the previous products was silk uv flatbed screen printing, he complained to me: because Screen printing needs to make a screen, and only one color can be printed at a time. When encountering a color pattern, it needs to be registered multiple times. If the alignment is inaccurate, it will take a lot of time and energy to redo, increasing the number of defective products . And the gradient color cannot be printed by silk screen printing, which is a big trouble for expanding the company’s production scale and even creating more revenue.

After learning about Mr. Abshir’s needs, a visit to the company was a must.

In view of the defects of Abshir’s original process, we recommend to a 6090 size printer for sample printing tests. All aspects of technology including printing accuracy, embossing effect, and machine operation process are very satisfactory. But Abshir did not quickly finalize the purchase agreement with us.

In the follow-up conversation, I learned that Mr. Abshir was worried that the ink consumption rate would be too high, which would create a new challenge for the company. “Do not worry.” I told him that although UV ink is relatively expensive, for the UV printing process, the color pattern is formed at one time, and the amount of ink used is precisely controlled, so there is no need to worry about this aspect. On the contrary, this aspect is a big advantage of UV printing compared to silk screen printing.

Since then, Mr. Abshir has reached a cooperation with us happily and placed orders for 10 units one after another. In recent years, Mr. Abshir’s feedback can also know that although there is a running-in problem in the operation of the machine, the UV printing process has helped him win more orders, saved a lot of labor costs, and solved the problem for Mr. Abshir. Despite the temporary problems, Mr. Abshir is also very pleased with the business opportunities brought about by this change. The above is a brief description of our cooperation with Saudi customer Mr. Abshir. Why did Mr. Abshir choose us? How to choose UV printing process?

Firstly: Compared to the screen printing process, UV printing has the advantages of no plate making, uncomplicated process, simple and easy operation, short production cycle, and better suiting the needs of personalized production.

Secondly: The price of our UV printer is only 1 / 4 of the famous brand printer, which greatly reduces printing and maintenance costs, helps customers save money, and customers can open up more markets.

We are very happy that our uv printing machines and services can solve problems for customers, and our cooperation with Mr. Abshir will continue in the future. Perhaps for many companies, when they understand or enter a new field, they are worried about what kind of problems and disadvantages this transformation will bring to the company, but for many industries, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. The top of the industry, leading the way, but without the spirit of transformation and innovation, without the sensitivity to grasp the trend of the industry, and without the courage to make drastic reforms, then thirty years Hedong, thirty years Hexi, will soon be popular by the times.

Cooperate with Nocai, develop with Nocai, and create together with Nocai ! The story about Nocai brand and Nocai uv printer will not end. With you in the future, it will be more brilliant! Choose Nocai, choose the best.

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    Saudi Customers: Screen Printing in the Advertising Industry ? UV Printers Help You Create More Possibilities !
    Saudi Customers: Screen Printing in the Advertising Industry ? UV Printers Help You Create More Possibilities !

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