Five Reasons Why You Need The UV Printing Machine

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UV printing application is one of the most important contents in the printing industry. The deep processing of packaging products, such as bronzing, lamination, embossing and the application of various varnishes, has become very common, and special effect varnishes have become a trend.

UV printing is a printing process in which ink is dried and hardened by UV light. UV ink has been widely used in offset printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, pad printing and other fields. The traditional UV process in the printing industry generally refers to the printing process, which is to apply a layer of varnish on the pattern you want, mainly to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the product; after curing, the varnish has high hardness, friction resistance, and is not easy to scratch. It can protect the surface of the product well.

01 Improve Product Performance

UV printing has good printing adaptability to most substrates. UV printing features crisp dots, bright, vibrant inks, and high print consistency with the image. At the same time, since the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, the ink layer and the varnish layer have the advantages of strong adhesion, durability, wear resistance, scratch resistance, and aging resistance.

02 Improve Production Efficiency and Economic Benefits

The drying time of light curing is very short, which greatly improves the production efficiency. High efficiency means lower storage costs and financial pressures for raw materials and finished products. At the same time, due to the low energy consumption of UV curing, the usual operating costs will also be significantly reduced.

03 Comply With Environmental Protection Requirements

UV printing uses VOC-free, environmentally friendly UV-curable inks that fully meet today’s environmental requirements. The UV curing ink process basically does not cause environmental pollution and saves energy.

04 Strong Grip

After UV ink varnish is cured, the ink layer of the printed product can be cured, dried quickly and cross-linked, and the ink layer has high abrasion resistance.

05 Rapid Hardening

UV ink is irradiated with ultraviolet light, and the ink can be dried instantly, usually it only takes a few seconds to completely dry and fix on the surface of the material. Traditional inks may take minutes or even days to dry completely, so printed products using UV-curable inks have short lead times, greatly improving production efficiency.

Compared with traditional ink printing, UV printing does have great advantages, but epitaxy applications still face some problems that need to be solved and improved, such as how to make special-shaped products and large ink drop products work well for UV printing and printing. UV flatbed printer and more. NUOCAI UV printers consider printing quality and stability, greatly reduce printing and maintenance costs, and help customers save money. Whether it is a small-format UV flatbed printer or a special industrial model, there is always a machine that is the best flatbed UV printer in your heart.

Although UV printing has problems, its rapid development is inevitable with the maturity of related technologies and the expansion of application fields. In the near future, UV printing will be more widely used and popularized.

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    Five Reasons Why You Need The UV Printing Machine
    Five Reasons Why You Need The UV Printing Machine

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