New Model MAX Printing Machine For Personalized Customization Launched

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  • 2018-12-28
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Nocai Newly Launched NC-UV0609MAX Printing Machine

As a newly launched high-end intelligent and environmentally friendly UV printer, Nocai people have invested a lot of energy in NC-UV0609MAX. When developing and innovating, we fully listened to the voice of the public and patiently debugged every small detail. Looking for new breakthroughs with firm steps. I believe everyone has high expectations for NC-UV0609MAX. So what is it all about? Take a look! We can see that it is very aesthetic in appearance, and the integrated white design of the whole body shows that Nocai people have put a lot of effort into the design.

NC-UV0609MAX not only has a high-end fashion appearance, but also makes people feel safe in construction. The chassis of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, and the mold opening is integrated with the processing design. While ensuring that the machine is not easily deformed, it pursues higher and stronger stability, and strives to bring comfortable and durable use experience to every customer.

Nocai Newly Launched A3MAX Printing Machine

The nocai new intelligent A3MAX uv printr has finally met with you under the long-awaited eyes of everyone. Why should we launch a unique new small A3MAX inkjet printer? Let us tell you the story! Aiming at the A3 inkjet printer market, nocai has done a full investigation and found that there’s a huge potential and a large blank for this kind A3 uv printer, which waiting for us to explore and occupy. In this era of advocating personalized customization, owning a small desktop smart A3MAX is a worthwhile investment for many people. It has powerful functions and stable performance. It can print flat and roll materials as you like. It is suitable for personalized customization and has a wide range of industrial application markets.

Introductions of NOCAI Super Smart A3MAX

As an A3 machine, it has extremely powerful functions. Regardless of its small size, we have adopted a lightweight design. The weight of the whole machine is only 50KG, and it occupies a small area, which brings great convenience to printing. But regardless of its exquisiteness, we also spent a lot of energy on the creation of functions. The intelligent and efficient A3MAX has a compact and elegant appearance, following Nocai’s consistent simple and comfortable style, and as a printer, the beautiful and fashionable appearance always makes people feel happy; and the machine has many advantages, as a new advanced design The machine is equipped with high-precision, high-efficiency, and fine-colored EPSON I3200 (8)-S1HD print head. It prints color, white and varnish at the same time.The fast printing speed it’s one of its advantages, A3 size single-color printing speed is up to 3 square meters per hour. Its powerful intelligent ink supply system and lift ink station design escort A3MAX printing, not only ensures smooth ink supply, but also full of security in the protection of print head.

As a multi-purpose A3MAX new machine, it supports both flat and roll to roll printing. Different from other A3 machines on the market, Nocai has created a unique roll to roll printing function, which is powerful, not just as a machine that can only print flat surfaces. For more convenient operation, the intelligent control panel adopts a humanized design, which is flexible and easy to operate. At the same time, the intelligent A3MAX has a full-coverage shading design, which is safer to prevent from light and dust. In order to thank customers for their support to Nocai, we have launched a series of promotional activities, such a new and unique A3MAX with powerful functions, we only give it away and not for sale!!! As long as we meet our gift conditions during the event, we will give it away unconditionally! If you are interested in this one, please contact us immediately, let us work together for a win-win situation! Win more and broader market! Believe in Nocai, create the future !

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    New Model MAX Printing Machine For Personalized Customization Launched
    New Model MAX Printing Machine For Personalized Customization Launched

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