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General Demands For A Good UV Printing Machine

A good small uv printing machine depends on its comprehensive performance, mainly including its stability, speed, accuracy, consumable cost, machine price, brand and after-sales service, etc. When a customer chooses a machine, it can only highlight a small number of advantages, but it must not have outstanding defects.

1. Stability

Generally speaking, the less faults a machine has, the higher its stability is, which is the most important part of evaluating a machine. If a machine has poor stability, even if it has high speed and high precision, it is difficult to become a famous machine. It will be very troublesome for customers to use, and even affect the operation. There are many uv flatbed printers with excellent speed and accuracy, but they have withdrawn from the market due to poor stability.

2. Speed

It goes without saying that speed is the capacity of a machine, which directly affects the output and sales of investors.

3. Accuracy

Is an important factor in picture quality, generally speaking, the public opinion on precision is that the higher the precision, the better the quality. However, this is not absolute, because the quality also includes color and whether there are stripes (that is, PASS channel), and when the accuracy is high enough to a certain level, people can’t see it with the naked eye, that is, it loses its meaning. So we say that the higher the accuracy, but it does not have to be endlessly high.

4. Cost of consumables

This refers to the price and consumption of its ink and consumable accessories. There are many types of UV ink, and different materials have different requirements for ink; at the same time, there are nozzles, ink-absorbing pads, etc. The cost of basic and non-basic consumable accessories needs to be considered, and consumables can be properly planned.

5. The price of the machine

In fact, the cheaper the price of the machine, the better its value. For example, some uv flatbed printers are very cheap, but because of the pitiful speed, even if the price is good, the value is not great. is its value.

6. Brand

This must be taken seriously. A big brand is a guarantee for customers, because years of production experience and their emphasis on the brand are the guarantee of product quality.

7. After-sales service

There is a complementary relationship with the brand’s popularity. Usually, the after-sales service of big brands is often very perfect, and they pay more attention to the quality of after-sales service. After-sales service is the guarantee for the normal operation and high-quality operation of customers in daily operations.

Sign Logos Printing Attentions In Small UV Printing Machine

In recent years, the signage industry has become very popular. We can see many signs, billboards, signs and so on on the street. There are many kinds of materials for making signs, the most common ones are metal, acrylic, wood, KT board and so on. Traditional sign printing is generally produced by silk screen printing, which is complicated in process and high in cost. But if you use led flatbed printer to make it is different. Now many manufacturers and companies will gradually transition the original process to UV printing process during production. How much do you know about signage UV printers? Compare with the traditional sign screen printing process, the logo sign UV printer has a simple process, low material and labor costs, and the printed product has the characteristics of wear resistance and durability, bright color and long service life. In addition, the signage printed by the sign UV printer has high color fastness, strong pattern reduction, and can print delicate multi-color patterns and texts, which is the best choice for signage printing.

Do UV printers need to be coated before printing logos?

Materials with high density, such as ceramics, glass, metal, PP plastic, etc. generally need to be coated before printing. UV coating has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good covering power, wear resistance and pressure resistance, and is suitable for large-scale spraying. However, the coating has certain chemical properties, and technicians need to wear protective gloves when operating. At the same time, when using UV coating, pay attention to the different materials used, and the UV coating used is also different.

Will the uv printed signage peel off the paint ?

Different environments will affect the service life of UV printing products. Indoor use can generally last for more than 5 years. Outdoor use is recommended in a sheltered place. UV-printed products are most afraid of humid environments. Therefore, when using UV printers to print signs outdoors, a layer of varnish can be added to increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the signs, because UV varnish is scratch-resistant. The advantages of sex and weather resistance, etc.

Want to buy a uv printer, how to choose a regular and guaranteed manufacturer?

The Internet can be used as a means of auxiliary investigation, but it cannot be determined only by network communication. Moreover, the UV industry is highly competitive, and there is a lot of malicious runs on virtual platforms without thresholds. It is best to go to the factory for on-site inspection, personally go to the factory to inspect the factory scale, service attitude, professional knowledge, production capacity, etc., and at the same time, you can learn more about UV flatbed printing knowledge, and after on-site sample printing, understand the machine. Detailed performance, and satisfaction with sample printing.

When comparing manufacturers, remember that price is not the only criterion for judging. Different manufacturers and different nozzle models have different prices. In comparison, you should choose a brand manufacturer with good after-sales service, guaranteed quality and stable machines. Just as Nocai can provide personalized services and solutions for each customer, and the machine quality is stable and the after-sales tracking service responds in a timely manner, it is a high-quality choice for UV flatbed printer manufacturers. Finally, when signing the contract, it should be noted that after-sales, maintenance, warranty coverage, accessories, etc., are written in the contract to be the most standardized. The primary problem of choosing a UV flatbed printer should be considered from the stability of the printer, the selection of nozzles, the later maintenance cost, after-sales service and other factors ! 

Nocai Newly Launched NC-UV0609MAX Printing Machine

As a newly launched high-end intelligent and environmentally friendly UV printer, Nocai people have invested a lot of energy in NC-UV0609MAX. When developing and innovating, we fully listened to the voice of the public and patiently debugged every small detail. Looking for new breakthroughs with firm steps. I believe everyone has high expectations for NC-UV0609MAX. So what is it all about? Take a look! We can see that it is very aesthetic in appearance, and the integrated white design of the whole body shows that Nocai people have put a lot of effort into the design.

NC-UV0609MAX not only has a high-end fashion appearance, but also makes people feel safe in construction. The chassis of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, and the mold opening is integrated with the processing design. While ensuring that the machine is not easily deformed, it pursues higher and stronger stability, and strives to bring comfortable and durable use experience to every customer. In terms of performance, it has four characteristics: “Refined”, “stable”, “easy” and “safe”.


1. “Refined”:

As a high-end UV printer, NC-UV0609MAX is equipped with 3 EPSON I3200-U1 print head. The high resolution of 2400dpi enables the machine to print with bright and delicate colors, efficient printing and high precision. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of printing, when manufacturing the printing platform, we use aluminum plate material. The platform with the size of 60cm*90cm can adapt to the printing of most products; the inside of the platform is a honeycomb structure, which is not easy to deform, and the flatness is controlled at 0.1 Within mm, the standard scale helps the printing to be more precise and detailed.

2. “Stable”:

If you want to print more smoothly, in addition to ensuring the accuracy of printing and the flatness of the platform, the X-axis on the machine uses double-row linear guides to provide a more stable printing experience for NC-UV0609MAX and ensure printing accuracy. In terms of nozzle protection, our ink station is liftable and driven by a motor, which can accurately control the position of the print head and maintain the working quality of the print head stably.

3. “Easy”

The telescopic control panel can be stretched and adjusted, and the operation is convenient. It not only brings convenience to us when operating the machine, but also shortens the time for product placement in the process of printing products to a greater extent. At the same time, this machine can also be used in one machine, equipped with electric cylinder fixtures, which can meet the 360-degree rotation printing of cylinder products, and the alignment is accurate and the operation is convenient;

4. “Safe”

In terms of protecting the print head and products, we have an intelligent touch anti-collision system. The bottom of the ink car is equipped with an anti-collision sensor device, which can effectively protect the nozzles and products from being scratched; There will be dust spots falling, which will increase the scrap rate of the product, so we designed a full-coverage shading cover for this, which is not only light-proof and dust-proof, but also for the sake of safety; As a quality choice for high-end gifts, this machine can meet the printing needs of stationery industry, electronic peripheral products, craft gifts and other personalized customization industries. It has high stability and strong practicability. Operation and multi-function in one machine.

Owning a high-end atmospheric and powerful NC-UV0609MAX, I believe it is your wise choice. The novel experience and innovative feeling it brings will subvert your thinking. Nocai is committed to the development of original UV flatbed printers and the production and after-sales service. It is a powerful helper in your business field. If you are interested, please contact us for more details about NC-UV0609MAX. One step ahead, seize the opportunity for development!


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    Buy In A Good  UV Printing Machine For Business ?
    Buy In A Good  UV Printing Machine For Business ?

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