How To Make UV Printing Process More Effective ?

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Is The Operation Process of UV Flatbed Printer Simple ?

As the star of the printing industry, UV flatbed printers, many people will compare the printing method of UV flatbed printers with traditional printing. Compare some printing effects, the difference in printing process, or compare the difficulty of operation, and then take you to see the simple and specific embodiment of UV printer operation. The working method of UV flatbed printer is relatively simple. Compared with the traditional printing process, because UV printer uses uv ink, it no longer needs to be coated and baked before printing like traditional water and solvent inks. bake. The uv flatbed printing machine can directly print on the surface of the substrate, which is very convenient.

The first is to prepare the UV flatbed machine for work, the computer must also be running, and then the machine must be printed by nozzle test before working. Traditional printing needs to do plate making, size adjustment, drying and other processes, which not only require a lot of manual operations, but also the process is complicated. The uv printer does not need these processes, and the pre-press preparation only needs to edit the pattern in the drawing software of the computer. Use the drawing software to pre-process the picture, and after meeting our printing needs, place the processed pattern on the special control printing software of our printer for pattern recognition, and convert the color of the picture into a printing data signal.

Place the object to be printed on the well-positioned position of the printing platform, and adjust the distance between the nozzle and the object. After some preparations are ready, you only need to start the printing software, and the machine can accurately print the effect patterns we need. Generally, the patterns printed by uv flatbed printers will not fade or fall off after being placed indoors for many years, and this effect can be achieved without post-processing. After the picture is printed, the head will automatically return to its original position. At this time, Nocai’s printer can automatically seal the print head to ensure that the whole machine will be in the best condition next time.

For UV flatbed printers, only from the aspect of operating equipment to print products, no academic qualifications are required, as long as you can read and write. The operation of the machine is simple and easy to use. It only needs a little picture processing ability, which is also very easy for novices to master. For example, the prepared pattern can be printed out by simply operating the equipment. If you need to work with patterns, you need to know some basics of graphic design. Before ordering the machine, many customers worry about the operation and personnel issues. They worry that the labor demand is too large, which will lead to high costs, and they worry that the operation is too difficult and difficult to learn. In terms of operation, both the operation mode and the equipment operation mode are very simple. Generally speaking, people who don’t know how to use it at all can learn it in three to seven days.

With several years of computer knowledge, they can use it proficiently in 2 days. Nocai has thoughtfully considered the operation habits of multiple users when designing the software. The operation pages of the machine and the software are simple, powerful and complete. It is clear what function you want to use. And we also have professional and detailed function introduction materials, so that users can better master the use skills of uv printers. 

Disadvantages of Using UV Printer Machines

Everything has two sides. If there is a good side, there will be a bad side. The same is true for UV printers. Its advantages are very eye-catching, which is obvious to all. But today we will talk about its shortcomings. Friends who start a business or invest can have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of UV printers!

Disadvantages 1 of UV printers:

Because it is an inkjet printing process, the printing speed of uv digital printer is a bottleneck. If the product has high requirements for printing effect, precision, and details, the printing speed is usually relatively slow. If you want a faster speed, the price of the machine will be correspondingly much higher.

Disadvantages 2 of UV printer:

UV flatbed printers can overcome the boundaries of materials and can print a lot of products, but not all products can be printed, and the printing effect of curved products will not be ideal. Products with high concave-convex drop will produce flying ink, scattered ink and other phenomena when printed, and the printing effect is not ideal. Special-shaped materials and very thick materials are also special materials. According to the actual situation, multiple sets of plans should be prepared for testing and deployment of the machine.

Disadvantages 3 of UV flatbed printer:

UV printers print specific product surface adhesion issues. The advantage of the UV printer is that it can directly print patterns on the surface of the product, but some products such as metal, ceramics, and glass with relatively hard and smooth surfaces need to be coated on the surface, otherwise the pattern will easily fall off after printing.

Flatbed Digital Printing Machine

Disadvantages 4 of UV flatbed printer :

It is easy to start a business and the threshold is low. Many people can easily buy a machine and start a business. However, they do not have an in-depth understanding of the UV printer market and UV printing process, nor have they made a detailed comparison of UV printers. After purchasing the machine, there are many problems. Finally, The business didn’t go well either, which eventually led to the company’s bankruptcy. Although there are still some unresolved problems in UV printers, the development of related technologies today can be regarded as a mature period, and there are already many customers using UV printers, and the production process has penetrated into various fields and industries, so the above shortcomings Nothing can stop its explosion. However, when we use the uv printing machine, there are always troubles in the printing process, how should you deal with them ?

What Are The Tricks For Using UV Ink During Printing ? 

1. Make sure that the ink cartridges of the uv flatbed printer are intact;


2. Try to use high-quality original ink provided by the manufacturer;


3. Before filling the ink cartridge with ink, shake the ink bottle first to make the ink uniform and then pour ink into the ink cartridge of the machine. Shaking the ink bottle helps to make the ingredients in the ink deposited at the bottom evenly distributed and fully integrated. At the same time, try not to fill up the ink as much as possible, and it must be an appropriate amount (about half of the ink cartridge), so as to avoid ink waste. Adding more frequently will help the circulation of ink. If it is added in excess, it will cause ink leakage in the ink cartridge during use. Remember to screw on the cap of the ink bottle after adding ink, because UV ink is not suitable to be exposed in the air, and dust will cause the ink to deteriorate.

4. The ink should be stored in a dark place and cannot be exposed to sunlight. The ink storage temperature is 20°C-35°C, and the humidity is 35%-65%, so that the ink stored in this way will be in the best state.


5. Before replacing the ink, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise two different inks will mix, resulting in a chemical reaction that may easily cause problems such as plugging. At the same time, it is not recommended to use the inking function of the uv flatbed printer to extract the ink in the ink cartridge. This operation will not only waste time and damage the nozzle, but also will not clean it clean. The correct method of operation is: use a syringe to drain the ink in the ink cartridge, and at the same time use a syringe at one end of the ink bag to pump out the ink in the ink bag and the ink tube. Wipe the inside of the ink cartridge with a cloth. After all the above is done, new ink can be added to the ink cartridge. At the same time, use a syringe at one end of the ink sac to pump new ink into the entire ink path. Insert the ink sac, start the machine to clean it automatically, and then print the test strip if there is no problem, you can start printing.

6. If the ink has not been used for a long time, please pay attention to check the date of the ink, so as not to replace the ink after pouring it into the ink cartridge. The daily use of UV printers also greatly improves the fluency of machine ink. If there is ink flying on the test strip, you should also pay attention to the temperature and humidity; if the weather is too cold, you can add a heater to keep the ink in a suitable temperature and humidity, which will help ensure the quality of printing.

If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message to communicate. For more information about laser printer for phone case and laser flatbed printer, please pay attention to Nocai—your most reliable original uv laser printer manufacturer, every Weekly updated UV flatbed printer content. Generally speaking, whether you are buying a uv printer or other products, the price can tell everything. Cheap products must have many shortcomings. On the contrary, if the quality is high, the existing shortcomings may be much reduced.Dear friends, have you noticed the above problems? Welcome to leave a message below the article to participate in the discussion! If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message to communicate. For more information about small uv printing machine, please pay attention to Nocai——your most reliable original flatbed digital printing machine manufacturer, UV updated weekly Flatbed printer content

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    How To Make UV Printing Process More Effective ?
    How To Make UV Printing Process More Effective ?

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