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Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Products Co., Ltd, which is a expert UV inkjet printer producers and UV printing computing device manufacturers engaging in the design, producing, sales and after-sales services of the digital printing machine, UV flatbed printer and digital tshirt printing laptop fields.
And our printers is more suitable for the gift items, promotional customized items, with the various colors and 3D embossing effect printing ability.
Variously kinds of small format uv printers, most in 4060 and 6090 format ones, are provided as below, different model meets different requirements from clients:
(1). A2 size uv printer with 1pcs head NC-UV0406:
Small format one suitable to the small shop, with cmyk+ww. For flat, mug & bottle products printing.
(2). A1 size uv printer with 2 or 3pcs F1080-A1 heads NC-UV0609PEII / NC-UV0609PEIII:
2.1. Economic option for most of the customers, prints color, white & varnish;
2.2. For Flat, cylinder bottle & mug materials printing.
(3). A1 size uv flatbed printer with 2 or 3pcs Xaar 1201 heads NC-UV0609XIII / NC-UV0609XIII:
3.1. High resolution printing for thin letter or small text, about 3pt, without line burr or rough edge;
3.2. Print person face portrait with high resolution and exquisite result, which could use to print with the wedding photos or some files request for superior printing quality;
3.3. Print on the high distance drop materials, up to 13mm, which allows to print on different uneven surface materials, like toys.
(4). A1 size uv flatbed printer with 2pcs I3200 heads NC-UV0609ProII:
Fast printing version printer, very suitable for the advertising job printing.
(5). Fast bottle printer with 3pcs Xaar 1201 heads:
5.1. With 3pcs Xaar 1201 heads, could be able to print color, white & varnish at same time with high resolution;
5.2. Could print on various kinds of cylinder, cone bottle & cup;
5.3. Could print on high drop distance surface product, up to 13mm;
5.4. 360 degrees seamless printing on the whole surface of the product.
Choose Nocai, not only choose the good quality and stability products, also choose the reliable supplier and partner.