6 Points Why Commercial Flatbed Printer Is Hot-sale

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Today’s market demand is more and more personalized, and small batches, high precision, green environmental protection, and high efficiency have become fashionable needs. The new generation of UV flatbed printers meets this demand. Once they enter the market, they have attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. What are the market advantages of flatbed printers?

1. UV printers meet individual needs

To meet people’s individual needs to the greatest extent, for the majority of designers, they can give full play to their creative talents, and the design samples can be modified arbitrarily on the computer. .

2. The color of UV printer is not limited

There is no need to make screens, which saves a lot of time; pattern design and changes can be carried out on the computer screen, and color matching can be carried out with a mouse; there is no cost for making screens; time is reduced and printing materials are saved; reduced labor costs.

3. The UV printer responds quickly and shortens the working cycle

In the past, it took several days or even dozens of days for a product to go from design to large-scale printer proofing to delivery, but the finished product can be obtained in 2-5 minutes by applying UV printing technology, and the production batch is not limited. Efficient production process. The process flow is short, and the finished product is the finished product after printing, and no post-processing such as steaming and washing is required; the flexibility is strong, and the customer can print it in a short period of time after selecting the plan.

4. UV printer is green and environmentally friendly, reducing pollution

No water, no sewage, UV flatbed printer is controlled by computer, inkjet on demand, neither waste nor waste water pollution, and no noise is generated during the printing process, realizing a pollution-free green production process.

5. The UV printer has rich colors and clear and vivid images

Traditional screen printing is very difficult to color registration. UV flatbed printing is rich in color, whether it is full-color pattern or gradient color printing, it is easy to achieve color photo-level effects. Greatly expand the product design space, improve product quality. The UV printing pattern is fine, the layers are rich and clear, the artistry is high, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the pattern of photography and painting can be printed.

6. The UV printer can print relief, with strong three-dimensional sense and comfortable hand feeling

The use of white ink can print images with embossed effect, making the color printing patterns lifelike, and allowing designers to have more room to play, more importantly, the printing process is not troublesome at all, just like home printers, one-time forming, that is, printing Instant dry, which is unmatched by ordinary production technology. It can be seen that the future development space of UV printers is unlimited. Well, the above is to share the content with you. In addition to NV-UV0406 and NC-UV0609 series, Nocai also has compress uv printer for sale. If you are interested in our compress uv printers, please contact compress led uv printer and leave a message.

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    6 Points Why Commercial Flatbed Printer Is Hot-sale
    6 Points Why Commercial Flatbed Printer Is Hot-sale

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