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UV Printing Machine Is Only Limited In One Material ?

UV printer is a plate-free and full-color digital printing machine, which is basically not limited by any material, and can print on glass, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces. No need to make a plate and complete the printing at one time, with beautiful and rich colors, wear resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image speed, and fully comply with industrial printing standards. To use the uv printer correctly to ensure the printing effect, what aspects should we start from? Today I want to share a few points with you.

1. Working environment of uv printer

Due to the unique working method of the printer flatbed uv machine itself, the site where the UV printer is placed must be a flat ground. The inclined and uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slow down the working speed of the nozzle, and thus affect the overall printing speed. At the same time, pay attention to keep the surrounding hygienic and clean to avoid dust or foreign objects from entering the inside of the machine. If not handled properly, it will damage the internal structure of the machine in severe cases.

2. Installation of uv printer matters

Nocai UV printing machines are high-precision machines that have been inspected and tested by the manufacturer. Do not disassemble the machine without permission. Avoid places prone to violent changes in temperature and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight, strong light or heat sources. The best working environment of the equipment should follow the best temperature and best humidity suggested by the manufacturer. Place the device close to an outlet to avoid lengthy wiring.

3. Correct use of uv printer

Do not move the print head by hand without cutting off the power, otherwise the head limit switch may be damaged. During the printing process of the equipment, do not stop suddenly.

4. Maintenance of the uv printer

1. Do not stand or place heavy objects on the device, do not cover the vents of the device with a cloth, and do not use damaged cables.

2. Please turn off the power and disconnect the connection cable before cleaning the device. Like the inside of the UV printer, it should be cleaned regularly. Don't wait until a thick layer of dust is accumulated, and there is a problem to remedy it.

3. The exterior of the UV printer can be scrubbed with a dampened soft cloth. The interior mainly refers to the nozzle, ink circuit system, etc. The cleaning of these parts requires special cleaning agents and cleaning methods. For dust on the surface, try to use a dry cloth . When cleaning important parts such as the nozzle, be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, or ask the manufacturer's after-sales personnel to clean it.

Well, the above is to share the content with you. In addition to mobile back case printers, Nocai also has phone case laser printers. If you are interested in our case cover printing machine, please contact us and leave a message.

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