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What Is Laser Printer Machine's Toner Cartridge ?

Generally speaking, printer consumables can be roughly classified by their printer types as follows. Dot printer uses ribbon, which can be divided into broadband and narrow band. Some ribbons can be replaced individually, and some ribbons must be replaced with a ribbon holder. You can change the ribbons of different colors as needed. Nocai laser printer uses toner or toner cartridge. Some laser printers have toner and toner cartridges that can be separated. After the toner is used up, you can easily fill the toner and continue to use it until the toner cartridge ages. Some laser printer toner and toner cartridge are integrated and where the toner cartridge should be discarded after being used up, causing a certain waste. Therefore, the cost of the toner cartridge accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the whole machine.

However, It uses ink or integrated ink cartridge, which can be replaced separately, which is more cost-effective when in early age, the whole cartridge had to be replaced if one color is used up. But it has setbacks such as the drop is prone to clogging the nozzle and in serious cases, the printer needs to be repaired or scrapped. Some printer nozzles and ink cartridges are integrated. When replacing the ink cartridges, the nozzles at the bottom of the ink cartridges are also replaced, which is more expensive but it has the advantage of avoiding nozzle clogging. If it is blocked, the printer can still be used after replacing the ink cartridges, and the print quality can be ensured also.

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UV flatbed printing machine ink is an important consumable in printing and there are different types and characteristics of uv printer flatbed ink. Water-based ink is cheap with no pollution, and the color is very bright, but because the water volatilizes slowly, the screen of the sprayed water-based ink is not easy to dry and absorbed by the medium. Weak solvent ink is one between water-based and oil-based. It can be sprayed with a coating on the medium first. This effect is beautiful and the adhesion is strong, but the solvent-based ink does not have white ink (white ink is immature) so printing on dark media is a big problem. As a special solvent, uv printer flatbed ink is cured immediately after exposure to ultraviolet light, firmly adheres to the surface of the medium, and will not be dissolved in water or other organic solvents. It is very suitable for users of uv printer flatbeds.

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The Substrate of UV Flated Printing Machine

UV inks have a wide range of applications and can be printed on hard materials such as plates, plastics, glass, wood, ceramic tiles, and metals. Since uv printer flatbed inks do not have a drying time problem, production efficiency can be improved. After printing, uv printer flatbed ink generally can be completely fixed on the surface of the substrate in only 1/10 second. The UV light can not only solidify the surface of the ink, but also penetrate into the ink to stimulate the further curing of the deep ink film. Compared with traditional inks, uv printer flatbed ink photopolymerization cures more thoroughly, does not generate any solvent-based pollutants, and is more environmentally friendly.

The digital flatbed uv printer ink has good stability and does not contain insoluble matter, which effectively avoids clogging of the print head and can effectively extend the life of the print head. The UV curing device has a compact structure, which can save space on the site with fast processing speed and high production efficiency. The UV curing process ensures that the film layer is thinner and has excellent performance, thereby reducing raw material consumption and helping to reduce costs.

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