Advice On Coating Selection For UV Flatbed Printers

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  • 2018-01-27
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Guangzhou Nocai Digital Product Co.,Ltd focus on small digital UV printer for 13+years ,until now our brand already gets good recoginition in market. The biggest highlight of UV is the diversification of its printing substrate. However, UV inks have poor adhesion to glass, ceramics, metals, acrylics, and certain smooth wood surfaces, and are easy to fall off. So using a flatbed printer coating to help UV ink adhesion is a very important process. However, UV flatbed printer coatings do not appear for a long time, and the quality of the coatings sold on the market is uneven. Inferior coatings not only damage the quality of printed products but also cause damage to the machine. How to choose the right UV flatbed printer coating is the information I want to share with you below. Please pay attention to the following six aspects :

1. Adhesion

There are many ways to measure adhesion, such as the Baige method. If the quality of the printed product is high, it is also possible to test whether the printed product is immersed in water or the boiled spray surface is peeled off. Adhesion is the key to measuring the quality of a UV flatbed machine. High-quality coatings should pass the 100-gram test and do not fall off after soaking in water or boiling water.

2. Leveling

Leveling is a common performance indicator in paints, which means that the paint is painted or sprayed on the surface of the object, and the brush marks and spray mist appear on the film are automatically flowed into The ability to flatten smooth surfaces. The coating of a UV flatbed printer with poor leveling affects the decorative effect of the printed matter. More importantly, if the brush marks on the surface of the coating do not disappear automatically, the uneven surface of the coating may rub against the UV flatbed printer head, causing significant damage. High-quality coatings should be tightly formulated and quickly leveled after painting or spraying.

3. Product Safety

This is a question that must be considered. The solvent-based UV flatbed printer coating not only has a large odor, but also poses a safety hazard in the case of improper storage, and transportation is also inconvenient. Because of the high investment in UV flatbed printers, it is best to consider a safer waterborne UV flatbed printer coating when choosing a UV flatbed printer coating. If a solvent-based coating is necessary, it is recommended to store it separately from the UV flatbed printer to prevent potential safety hazards.

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    Advice On Coating Selection For UV Flatbed Printers
    Advice On Coating Selection For UV Flatbed Printers

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