UV Printer Also Called Universal Printer

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  • 2017-12-25
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Nocai UV flat printer is also known as universal printer because it is so wide to use for glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, wood, metal, leather, advertising materials etc.

In fact, universal printer is only compared to the traditional printing equipment, the application of more material, faster printing speed, higher precision, simple operation steps, saving a lot of labor costs. Please use all-purpose printer carefully in the following three situations to minimize loss. 

Arc material with excessive radians 

In the operation of the machine, if the height difference of material is more than 1 centimeters, the universal printer can not complete the full print. The reason is that the distance between the ink-jet and surface is too large, and the pattern is not clear and the ink is scattered.

The surface of a material is highly reflective

After the ink spraying, UV lamp UV radiation will dry the surface immediately , which can achieve immediately hit dry with the desirable effect But if your material surface will reflect ultraviolet light, UV light to material surface, the ultraviolet ray will be reflected to the nozzle, causes the ink is not spit out by the UV drying, such easy to cause nozzle clogging, thus scrapped nozzle. High temperature,strong acid,strong alkali and other printing post-processing technology. UV ink encountered high temperature, strong acid, strong alkali will reduce the ink adhesion, resulting in the pattern shedding, deformation. Therefore, in the daily use of UV universal printer production, must pay attention to the above three conditions, so as to avoid the universal printer damage.

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    UV Printer Also Called Universal Printer
    UV Printer Also Called Universal Printer

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