Misunderstandings In The Digital Printing Machine Process?

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  • 2018-01-14
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Nocai flatbed digital printing machine has developed rapidly, but there are many misunderstandings. These are all we need to pay attention to.
Myth 1: The uv pringting of digital flatbed led uv printer is a simple digital process. Because the digital printing process is directly printed or printed from a computer to a computer-to-paper, it is required that the digital printing machine should have the automatic functions of imposition, correction, and binding. Therefore, the software functionality of the system is critical.
Myth 2: The printing quality of digital printing presses Although the quality of digital printing is not exactly the same as traditional printing due to the difference in mechanical structure and consumables, overall, with the continuous improvement of imaging systems, imaging accuracy and The increase of output resolution and the enhancement of media latitude, the digital printing presses introduced by various manufacturers have been able to meet the demand of high-end printing, and are still developing towards higher quality. In particular, more and more multi-color digital printing systems can be used in four or even six colors at the same time, and spot color printing can also be satisfied.
Misunderstanding 3: High cost The cost is usually composed of three elements: depreciation, materials, and labor. However, the high degree of automation of the digital system will reduce the labor expenses to a certain extent; the depreciation of the equipment is determined by the investment when purchasing the equipment; the material cost, for example, the toner medium, the current digital machine is mostly toner. Separated, and most equipment drums have a life span of several hundred thousand or more. The price of powder should be gradually reduced with the expansion of the application; compared with traditional offset printing, digital printing does not require plate making, so the cost of plate making will be saved. It is worth mentioning that with the increase of users and the maturity of the technology, the overall price level of digital printing machines has declined. This also allows the price of digital printing to be controlled, prompting more customers to accept digital printing.
Misunderstanding 4: Products can not be retained for a long time First, you can do your own experiments to see the difference in the time of digital printing presses. Put the prints using traditional inks, electronic inks, and toners in the sun. After a few days, you will find that the prints printed on digital presses are more durable than the prints of traditional inks.
Secondly, many people think that the printing of digital printing machines is not as long-lasting as the printing of traditional laser printers and copiers. This is not the case. In the case of dry toner, as the printing press’s high resolution continues to increase, today’s digital presses use a toner that is finer than conventional copiers and laser printers. In the process, the toner can dissolve in the gaps of the paper like ink droplets. The company is committed to leading the healthy development of China’s inkjet industry, providing consultancy solutions for printing equipment, printing processes, printing supplies and investment operations training.

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    Misunderstandings In The Digital Printing Machine Process?
    Misunderstandings In The Digital Printing Machine Process?

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