Coating Selection of Small Format UV Printer

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Printing Skills In Small Format UV Printer

Nocai small format uv flatbed printer uses digital printing that utilizes ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material, specially designed UV lights follow close behind, ‘curing’ or ‘drying’ the ink instantly. Format uv printing technology offers users direct-printing capabilities onto a virtually limitless range of three-dimensional media allowing quick and easy product customization. The UV ink is printed directly onto the substrate and when the inks are exposed to UV light they turn from a liquid to a solid instantly.

Many uv printer supplier adopts the uv printing technology which increasingly growing trend in the printing industry replacing the traditional screen and pad printing applications. The main difference between the two is that the UV ink is cured using a photomechanical process rather than solvent evaporation, therefore, eliminating VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Printing with small size uv flatbed printer allows printers to work in a cleaner and safer environment due to the zero-emission of solvents into the air. The environment also benefits from the lack of need to use solvents in the clean-up process.

A small format uv printer has a high-quality output partly because of its coating selection. The function of the universal flatbed printer coating is mainly ink absorption imaging and increasing image adhesion. To put it more figuratively, for example, to print a full-color image on ABS plastic, but ABS plastic itself does not absorb ink, and digital color printer ink is sprayed on and spreads out without imaging, and it is wiped off at the same time. And after spraying ABS plastic coating on ABS plastic surface and printing, a clear pattern can be formed, and it cannot be wiped off.

Can Digital Flat Printers Be Used In All Materials ?

The answer is that if you don’t consider adhesion, you can. If adhesion is to be considered, it will not work. Small format uv printer coating has specific requirements for materials and inks, one material for one coating, and the performance of ink must be considered at the same time. For example, ABS plastic coating is used for ABS plastic, the metal coating is used for color printing of metal, the leather coating is used for color printing of leather, besides glass coating, PC coating, PS coating, PVC coating, PET coating, PP coating, silicone coating, etc. Because the deployment of small format uv printer coatings involves complex chemical expertise, which is also a reflection of the company’s technical level, not all companies will have comprehensive coatings provided.

To perfect the finished product, first of all, when surface-treating the material before printing, the working environment must be clean. The general environment is not dust-free, so we can spray some water in the environment in advance to minimize the dust in the air. Secondly using professional dust-removing cloth may help, which is a new type of industrial dust-removing material, manufactured by a special process, with a variety of functions such as soft texture, strong adsorption, high decontamination rate, no fiber loss, etc. It also has good, high dust removal effect, making it easy to remove dust, and has certain acid resistance, alkali resistance, and heat resistance. It is an indispensable filtering guarantee for industrial dust removal. After this process, it is believed that a clean surface of the object can be guaranteed when coating. Want the best small uv printer ? Choose Nocai uv flatbed printer supplier for your favoured printing machine !

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    Coating Selection of Small Format UV Printer
    Coating Selection of Small Format UV Printer

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