Why Does The UV Flatbed Printer Not Respond When It Is Working

  • By:Nocai
  • 2022-06-09
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The daily work of the UV printing machine requires careful maintenance , and it is necessary to develop good operating habits, but some friends are always careless, and some operating errors may cause the printer to not respond. Let's take a look.

There are several reasons why the UV flatbed printer may not respond when the printing operation is improper:

1. The UV flatbed printer is not connected to the network

First of all, see if the UV flatbed printer is online. if the printer is not connected to the network, it is naturally impossible to print accordingly.

2. Setting problems

Check if the UV flatbed printer is set to pause printing. So no matter how you send the command to the printer, it won't accept the command to work.

3. There is a problem with the printing process

Check if the computer sets the small uv printing machine as the default, because after sending the print command in the computer, the printing program will send the current print content to the default for printing. If the UV flatbed printer is not set as the default printer, the print content will not be transferred to the printer, and the UV flatbed printer will naturally not respond.

4. There is a problem with the printing port

If the samll uv printing machine is set as the default printer and the printer still does not respond, it may be that the print port settings in the printing program used by the UV flatbed printer are not appropriate.

5. The printed content is inaccurate

Finally, if the above methods still do not solve the problem, it is possible that the output of the printed content is incorrect, causing problems with the program output.