How To Choose A Suitable UV Flatbed Printer ?

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  • 2022-01-22
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As we all know, UV digital printing machine is not a new thing any more. But for the first time to contact the concept of interested users, or friends who have further purchase needs, the product knowledge of UV flatbed printer is insufficient. in the network environment full of advertising, It is difficult to choose their own UV flatbed printer. Therefore, the special arrangement of a novice attention more uv flatbed printer content. We can have a look.

First of all, what is uv flatbed printer ?

Nocai uv flatbed digital printer literally can be split into "UV" + "flatbed printer". Among them, the concept of flatbed printers is easier to understand, is a printing device with a flat platform. And UV refers to ultraviolet light, uv flatbed printer special UV ink instantaneous light curing is also the basic working principle of UV flatbed printer. Compared with ordinary office printers, UV flatbed printers are larger in volume, usually several times or dozens of times the size of ordinary printers. The main components of UV flatbed printer include equipment body, control system, RIP software system, UV print head and UV ink.

What materials can UV flatbed printer print ?

Uv flatbed printer can print a very wide range of materials, in addition to some reflective, heat sensitive, poor temperature resistance, light deterioration, and UV ink incompatible materials, basic can be competent for the printing of common materials in life, such as acrylic, PVC, wood, ceramic tiles, metal plates, etc.

What are the mainstream brands of UV flatbed printers ?

Goods on the market, after the passage of time and market test, will always get graded, small uv flatbed printer is the same. Many new brands have sprung up in recent years. More brands can bring more choices to the market and users, but on the other hand, it also brings difficulties for users to choose. There are also a lot of manufacturers on the network boast that their brand is the top three, top ten, but is this really the case? Here we still suggest that after a detailed comparison, according to their own needs and then decide which brand of flatbed printer they want to buy.

UV digital printing machines prices ?

Many friends will search the Internet "How much is a UV flatbed printer" such questions. But in fact, it is difficult to get a definite answer, because the price is influenced by brand, quality, service and many other factors. Throughout the digital printing machine price list on the market at present, the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the price range is so large, but also shows that the product quality difference between different brands is obvious. If you need to obtain accurate price, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the intended brand for consultation.

What else should we pay attention to ?

After choosing the brand and knowing the price, can you place an order? No! UV flatbed printer is mechanical equipment, even the cheapest brands also want tens of thousands of dollars, before the purchase, the business of field investigation, material proofing work is very necessary. In addition, it is necessary to know the market share of the intended brand, the market reputation, the coverage, speed and quality of after-sales service. Sharing uv flatbed printer concept and selection of some knowledge, I hope it can help you ! If you want to know more about UV printer knowledge or are interested in our UV printer, welcome to leave a message to us.

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