How About The Furture of UV Printer Industry

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  • 2021-12-02
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Jack Ma: One of the five most profitable industries in 2021: uv printer industry. In recent years, uv printer suppliers have shown explosive growth. With environmental protection policies and process upgrades, the UV printer market is expected to grow at a growth rate of not less than 10% every year in the next five years, and the overall market scale is about 1 trillion yuan by 2021. It is worth mentioning that the well-known UV printer brand "Nuocai UV Printer" relies on strong R&D team and excellent R&D technology to become one of the leading domestic UV printer suppliers in recent years. 

How To Choose A Smart UV Printer?

We can make a decision based on below two items: 1. Quality 2. Brand

1. First of all, Quality is fundamental

Looking back at the "blowout" development of uv flatbed printers in the past ten years, uv flatbed printer industry has already seen a serious structural surplus in China, that is, a surplus of medium and low-end homogenized products. The price-cutting storm from the middle of last year has swept the entire industry, which has also triggered a large-scale price war. Frequent price wars have severely compressed uv printer suppliers.

These profit margins will further affect the product quality. In order to reduce costs, some companies do not hesitate to sacrifice the quality of products and services, resulting in a large number of inferior products running into the market, which not only harms the interests of consumers, but also disrupts the order of the uv flatbed printer industry, overdrawing the future of the uv flatbed printer industry development potential and profit margins, but these status will not last too long. Quality wins thousands of miles away, sales have not moved, quality first, and good quality is the eternal foundation of an enterprise. The price of Nocai uv printer has been tending to a stable state. We do not participate in the price war. We use strength and quality to conquer old customers and win new customers.

2. Brand is The Direction

Quality is fundamental, while brand is the direction. In a sense, China has now entered the era of brand economy. In the field of uv flatbed printers, brand influence cannot be ignored. Brand is the soft power of an enterprise, and it is also the core competitiveness of an enterprise. The brand is equivalent to the business card of a company or a product. It has immeasurable potential value. It requires long-term investment and persistence to establish. It is the purpose of a company to settle down, and it is also the competitiveness of the company's sustainable development. UV flatbed printer companies should abandon the past survival model of blindly fighting for low prices and engaging in vicious competition, and strengthen their own brand and technological innovation to enhance their corporate influence and comprehensive competitiveness.

At present, the competition among uv printer suppliers urgently needs to shift from low-price competition to brand-oriented, service-centric, comprehensive superiority competition based on strategic leadership, technological innovation, and refined business management. From the "price war" to brand competition, the uv flatbed printer industry still has a long way to go. Chinese uv flatbed printer companies must keep pace with the times, increase product technology research and development, master core technologies, improve product quality, and focus on doing Good brand building, and strive to cultivate uv flatbed printer brands with independent intellectual property rights.

As one of the leaders in this industry, the 13-year-old brand of Nocai company. has always insisted on obtaining customer recognition with high standards of machine quality and first-class corporate services, and refused to reduce quality and low prices to seize the market.  With the rapid development of the industry and the big waves, We believe that companies that can survive and develop must have strong brand core competitiveness! Persevere in faith, unswerving, and continue to innovate. We believe that Nocai will go further and further. If you want to know more about nocai uv printer price, Please contact us: +86 18011739168.

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