4 Ways To Solve The Adhesion Lack Problem Of UV Printing

  • By:NOCAI
  • 2022-05-19
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Due to its wide application range and many printable materials, digital flatbed printers have been favored by everyone since their launch, but some friends said that the patterns printed by uv printing machine lack adhesion. So how to solve this problem? The following four methods may solve the problem of device adhesion. Let's have a look below, here four solutios to improve the adhsesion of the uv printing.

1. UV ink :

UV printers use UV inks, which are divided into soft inks, hard inks and neutral inks. Different materials use different inks. The quality of inks on the market today varies. The price of ink is directly proportional to its quality, compatibility and adhesion. The cheaper the ink, the more damage to the Ricoh nozzles and the greater the possibility of nozzle clogging.

Solution: When you do not know which UV ink to choose or when the UV ink is used up, you can directly consult the original manufacturer to buy it. The UV ink selected by nuocai uv printer manufacturers has been tested for a long time, which ensures the quality of the ink to a large extent.

2.Environmental factors :

When the printing environment humidity of digital flatbed printer is too high, the surface of the material will be damp, and it will not be completely dry after printing, which will affect the printing quality; when the working environment temperature is too low, especially in winter, the printed pattern is easy to crack and peel off.