2021 Work Summary Meeting of Nuocai Company

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  • 2022-02-27
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The 2021 work summary meeting of Guangzhou Nuocai Digital Products Co., Ltd. was grandly held on February 26, 2022. This summary of the meeting is based on the main line of "Nuo Cai team work together to achieve another billions big sale in 2022", and show team spirit, implement work plan in details well and avoid previous job deficiencies.

Work summary

CEO Mr. Wang delivered a speech on the summary of the work of each department and the company's development plan in 2022.

Representatives of each department make a summary report.

Excellent staff

CEO Mr. Wang presents awards to Excellent staff of each department 

love whatever job one takes up .thank for everybody’s efforts and dedication to the company, and look forward Nuo Cai can walk along with you and create a better future.

Nuocai family

Thanks for everybody’s hard work and dedication in 2021and previosly. Let’s fighting together to create a better future. In the new year, wish all of you can continue to keep a strong fighting spirit, a positive attitude, and wholeheartedly .Bring best service to all customers!Although dream is so far away from us,but Nuocai never stop to pursue it. let’s develop together with Nuocai and enjoy the success!!


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