What Are The Advantages of Small Format UV Printer ?

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With the continuous improvement of science and technology, printing technology has also developed by leaps and bounds. In recent years, small format UV printer has become a popular drawing equipment in the market, and has gradually become the first choice for photocopying industry and digital printing industry to produce high-quality images. Small format UV printers have many advantages, which will be shown in detail below.

1. High resolution

The resolution of small format UV printers can usually reach 1440 x 1440dpi, or even higher. Compared with traditional printers, small format UV printers can provide more detailed, clear and fine image effects, and they are suitable for the production of handicrafts, badges and labels with rich details and fine requirements. 

2. Unique pigment spraying technology

Small format UV printer uses a unique pigment injection technology, which is also called Crude oil UV printing technology. This technology can make the pigment adhere to the surface and form a shiny layer, which can maintain the color and quality of the image, and the color is brighter, making the image look more real and vivid. 

3. Faster printing speed

Small format UV printers print very fast. Compared with traditional printers, the printing speed of small format UV printers can achieve one-stop service of printing and drying, so that customers can get perfect printed matter without waiting. 

4. Wide scope of application

Small format UV printer is suitable for many materials, such as wood, leather, metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, wood board, KT board, PVC board, paper, cardboard, etc. It can be used to make various advertisements, display models, gallery photography, exhibition board making, decoration, car body film and other application fields. 

5. Economical and practical

Although the price of small format UV printer is relatively high, in the long run, the cost of using small format UV printer is lower than that of using traditional printing technology. Because the small format UV printer does not need plate making, it saves the plate making of graphics and manuscripts, and the copper plate needs to print the negative photos into ordinary paper, avoiding the time and cost caused by manual plate making.At the same time, the small format UV printer uses intelligent methods to eliminate some waste problems and reduce the amount of material waste, thus reducing the manufacturing cost and prolonging the service life of the printer.

In a word, small format UV printer has many excellent characteristics such as high quality, high efficiency, high adaptability and high economy, which makes it the first choice of many brands and enterprises. There are many advantages of small digital printing machine. In the future, it will have more extensive application and more perfect technology, which will bring better printing quality and more commercial value to customers.

Which UV Printer Factory Is Better ?

With the continuous advancement of digital printing technology and the continuous expansion of application scope, UV printers have become an important part of the modern digital printing industry. Among many UV printer factories, Nocai is a leader specializing in digital inkjet technology. Its UV printers have been favored by users for their excellent quality and stable performance, and have become a leader in the market. This article will introduce Nocai UV printer factory in detail to help users better understand the brand’s advantages and strengths in the field of UV printers.

1. Company profile

Nocai is a leader specializing in digital inkjet technology, headquartered in China, with multiple production bases and sales centers. Nocai UV printer is one of the products of Nocai Group. After years of R&D and production, its products have become the finishing touch in China’s digital inkjet industry.

2. Product Features

Advanced print head technology: Nocai UV printer adopts imported high-quality print head to ensure the clear, full and stable printing effect. Superior print head control technology enables Nocai UV printers to ensure color expressiveness and accuracy while printing at high speed.

Full-platform printing: Nocai UV printers can be used for printing on various materials or surfaces, such as acrylic, PC, PVC, wood, steel, ceramics, glass, etc., with a wide range of applications. uv printer for acrylic .

High-precision printing: The resolution of Nocai UV printer can reach 1440dpi or even higher, with excellent scanning speed and high-quality image quality.

Advanced inkjet printing technology: Nocai UV printer adopts imported high-quality print head and full pulse width, with high-speed, high-precision inkjet printing technology, which makes its printing effect more high-quality.

High equipment reliability: Nocai UV printer has a complete manufacturing system and strict quality control process. Production and manufacturing system are unified, high standards, and every production link is implemented with refined production. The full implementation of the ISO quality management system can prevent problems systematically, comprehensively, effectively and preventability, thus ensuring the efficient and stable operation and excellent performance of the equipment. 

3. Service Guarantee

Leading after-sales service: Nocai UV printers and their components are guaranteed by the national quality. After sales, the company provides professional technical services and maintenance to ensure the operation and precautions of the equipment.

High-quality product guarantee: Nocai UV printer products enjoy national quality assurance. Except for quality problems caused by non-artificial reasons, the products are free of charge for repairs after the end of the sale; if you need to replace spare parts, only the cost price will be charged, and no labor will be charged. fee. 

4. Application field of Nocai UV printer

Advertising logo industry: UV printers have excellent expressiveness and super adaptability, and can be printed on a variety of substrates, so they are widely used in finished product production and plate making in the advertising logo industry.uv card printer 

Home decoration and building materials: UV printers can also be used in the field of home decoration and building materials, covering the printing of ceramics, glass, acrylic and other materials, providing personalized and customized services for home beautification and decoration.

Craft toys: Nocai UV printers also have a wide range of applications and markets in the field of craft toys. They can print high-precision, lifelike pictures, bringing better and more creative market prospects for toy manufacturers. 

5. Conclusion

To sum up, Nocai UV printer factory is an enterprise with excellent quality, stable performance and professional after-sales service. Its UV printers can be widely used in many fields, such as advertising signs, home improvement building materials and craft toys. I hope that through the introduction of Nocai UV printer factory in this article, you can better understand the advantages and strengths of this company, and provide more professional and high-quality guarantee for your digital inkjet printing uv card printer.

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    What Are The Advantages of Small Format UV Printer ?
    What Are The Advantages of Small Format UV Printer ?

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