PVC Material Application In Flatbed UV Printing

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What The Advantages of PVC material ?

①In the field of flatbed UV printing, printing on PVC, the color of the picture is bright and beautiful, and it is suitable for pictures that need high-end presentation such as corporate culture walls and product display boards.

②The product can be made into a variety of colors, common colors are white, black, red, etc.

③ Good toughness, like wood, it can be drilled, sawed, nailed and other processing techniques. After processing, the product can be suitable for secondary processing such as filming, printing, embossing, spraying, etc., and can be constructed by using common wood processing tools.

④The finished product can be processed by secondary thermoforming and folding, and can be directly bonded with other PVC materials.

⑤ Non-absorbent, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, light weight.

The collision between PVC and UV. So, when UV printing technology meets PVC, what kind of sparks can it collide with?

PVC display board, guide sign

Colored PVC board is very expressive and can be engraved and carved. It is an ideal material for the decoration of background walls, corporate culture walls, partition walls, exhibition boards, signage and other places.


PVC signage

High-density colored PVC board can replace wood, acrylic, aluminum, etc., not only at lower cost, but also with better processing performance. It can be used after being produced by ordinary processes such as engraving, saving time and effort.


PVC floor mat

PVC tablecloth

PVC table mat

 PVC hand holding sign

Precautions for PVC Printing

Regarding the UV flatbed printer to print the PVC board, if the pattern will fall off when the pattern is scratched with a fingernail during processing, it can be analyzed from two aspects:

1. The problem of ink and coating, (confirm whether the ink coating has expired, whether the ink is compatible with the coating, the ink adhesion and the adhesion of the coating)

2. The problem of PVC board, the higher the printing material density, the worse the adhesion of UV ink

3. PVC static removal method: before printing, wipe alcohol to eliminate static electricity or install a static bar to eliminate static electricity

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    PVC Material Application In Flatbed UV Printing
    PVC Material Application In Flatbed UV Printing

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