Proper Ways To Use UV Flatbed Coating Printer

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  • 2018-08-19
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I believe that many friends know that Nocai uv flatbed printer can print basically all products with basically flat surfaces (including regular cylinders) except for a few special materials, and some products must process the raw materials , that is, a layer of coating is sprayed outside to increase the adhesion of the pattern. So today  let us introduce the importance of UV coating to you.

There are currently 6 common UV coatings on the market, namely: glass coating, PC coating, metal coating, leather coating, ABS coating and silicone coating. And coating, we will call it primer too. UV coating liquid is suitable for glass, ceramic tile, metal, PET, PVC, PC, ABS and other materials, and its main function is to enhance the adhesion of UV printing patterns. It has the properties of fast drying speed, low odor, strong water resistance. The coating is for materials and inks, one material for one coating, and the performance of uv ink should be considered at the same time. First of all, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the coating. UV coating has weather resistance, gloss retention, color retention (strong ultraviolet radiation resistance), strong adhesion, good covering power, wear resistance and pressure resistance, and is suitable for large-area spraying.


So How Can UV Coating Be Used Better ?

1. If the coating is sprayed or wiped on the product surface, it needs to be applied “evenly”, and some places should not be sprayed with the coating, and some places are still blank;

2. Pay attention to the thickness of the spray, too thick will reduce the pattern adhesion, too thin will have no effect;

3. Wait for the coating to dry completely before printing, the effect will be better.

4. The coating formulation ratio is not static, and changes depending on the temperature and humidity of the day, so the original ratio should also be adjusted appropriately.



Precautions for spraying uv coating:

1. The uv coating should be used as much as possible from the original equipment manufacturer after repeated testing, and the quality is reliable;

2. Different materials use different uv coatings, do not mix them;

3. When the weather is humid or the temperature is low, the UV coating needs to be placed for a period of time after spraying, and the effect will be better after drying;

4. The uv coating is flammable, please place it away from fire sources.




Finally, I would like to remind everyone that when you choose to buy coatings, you must have a lot of eyesight. There are still businesses selling dog meat on the market. The coatings used for different printing materials are different, and the prices are also different, so I hope this article can help more friends. If you want to know more about the uses and functions of UV printers, please leave a message for communication. For more information on flat bed uv printers, please pay attention to Nocai – digital uv flatbed printer manufacturer, your most trusted original UV printer production Manufacturer.

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    Proper Ways To Use UV Flatbed Coating Printer
    Proper Ways To Use UV Flatbed Coating Printer

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