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  With the continuous development of digital technology, the printing industry is also constantly changing and developing. As an important technology in digital printing, UV printing technology has been widely used and has become one of the important directions chosen by the majority of users. Among them, small UV printers are more and more popular due to their small size, portability, and high efficiency. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge and purchasing methods of small UV printers.

  1. What is a small UV printer?

  Simply put, a small UV printer is a small digital printing device that can print on various surfaces. It can quickly cure the ink through ultraviolet radiation, and can print objects of various shapes such as planes, cylinders, and spheres. At the same time, this model of printer is very convenient to use due to its small size and portability, making it suitable for home and small business use.

  2. Advantages of small UV printers

  Option other than flat printing. Compared with traditional flat printers, small UV printers can print items of various shapes and materials, and have a wider range of applications.

  Consumables are more economical. For some specific needs, small UV printers can directly print on the surface of objects, and the consumables are more economical than traditional printing films and paper.

  The color is bright and durable without fading. UV printing technology has the advantages of high strength, resistance, long-term maintenance, etc., and has rich color choices and can achieve colorfulness. It is more suitable for applications in the fields of culture and art, fashion product design and production such as posters and leaflets.

  3. How to choose a small UV printer

  Determine printing needs

  Although the small UV printer has a wide range of functions, it also requires specific analysis of specific issues. We need to understand our printing needs in advance to determine which type of product to choose.

  Consulting brand service

  Although product brand service is part of value, it is also a very important key. We need to understand the scale of the product brand and after-sales service in order to get help and support during the purchase process.

  Understand the equipment performance parameters

  Whether it is an entry-level or a high-end model, each small UV printer has its specific equipment performance parameters. For example: printing speed, resolution, printing width and so on.

  Guangzhou Nocai: China’s largest small-scale uv equipment manufacturer, a manufacturer with 13 years of professional manufacturing experience, a high-tech enterprise integrating independent design, research and development, production, sales and after-sales. The company’s main business is small 6090uv printers, cylindrical printers, high-drop high-precision printers with rich colors, easy operation, instant drying, no environmental pressure, and are widely used in various industries. And has international CA, CB, ISO certification.

  Guangzhou Nocai products have successively won 21 national patents, including 9 invention patents, 8 utility model patents, 4 product appearance patents; 6 high-tech products in Guangdong Province; 1 scientific and technological achievement in Guangzhou.

  At present, Nocai has established a sales and service network in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Using a powerful digital platform and digital inkjet printing technology as the core, Nocai has established a complete supply chain around the world to provide a complete set of color printing needs for different industries. digital inkjet printing solutions.

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    Printer small uv printer
    Printer small uv printer

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