Make Profits In UV Printing Machine And Maintain UV Printer Either

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How To Use UV Printer To Make Profits ?

For people who have just met or joined the UV printing industry, they may still be confused about how to use UV flatbed printers to make money, and some are even doubting: Can uv printers really make money? According to the actual situation of the industry and its own, the correct use of uv flatbed printer will definitely bring us good benefits. In real life, the two groups of processing enterprises and manufacturers use uv technology for mass production and processing of materials.

OEM Companies:

For traditional industries, it is necessary to ensure that there are a large number of orders for OEM processing, otherwise the sum of the various costs is too high, which is really not cost-effective. The use of UV flatbed printers by processing companies is because the UV process itself can achieve single-piece printing, batch printing, and instant printing, with delicate patterns and rich colors, and the required production costs are greatly reduced. The most important point is that OEM companies can use UV printers to process various materials, which can be used in a wide range and have large profit margins.


At present, many manufacturers and large companies have their own machinery and equipment, while some small enterprises without equipment will outsource their own products to other companies for processing and printing. In this way, first of all, it is difficult for enterprises to control the quality of printing. Another point is that the processing cost is high, the profit is low, and the cost of communication needs to be considered. These are still small problems. The most fatal thing is that if there is a conflict with the cooperating company during the cooperation process, the cooperation breaks down, and the company cannot immediately introduce equipment by itself, which will cause the company to lose orders, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to have its own UV printer. It is very necessary for manufacturers.

At present, customers who use UV printers come from all walks of life, but no matter what kind of customers they are in, UV flatbed printers can bring them huge profit margins. In this era of diversified needs, I believe that having a UV flatbed printer, coupled with our high-quality services from Nocai, will definitely be able to create more value for them. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message and communicate. For more information on uv dtf printer and uv label printer, please pay attention to Nocai – your most trusted original uv sticker printer manufacturer, updated every week UV Flatbed Printer Content: wholesale, manufacturer, supplier. Besides, To make profits is our main goal in the printing maket, but there are always problems occuring in the process of using uv flatbed printing machine. Therefore, knowing how to solve this problem is also needed to be put the agenda.

How To Properly Add Ink To UV Flatbed Printer ? 

Ink is the main printing consumable of uv flatbed printer. Choosing high-quality original ink with high fluency can print a perfect image for you. However, in the daily use and maintenance of the uv flatbed printer, how to add ink to the uv flatbed printer? Here are the tricks ! In the process of daily use, adding ink to the uv flatbed printer is an essential operation for us, and it is also one of the common tasks of the daily maintenance of the uv flatbed printer. The addition of ink and the replacement and installation of consumables are all the operators of the uv flatbed printer that occur frequently. What should be done to add uv ink to the uv flatbed printer ink cartridge and the uv flatbed printer ink supply system? Let’s have a look!

1. Choose high-quality original ink from manufacturers for uv flatbed printers, and refuse to use inferior inks of other brands;

2. Correctly identify the type of ink used by the UV flatbed printer, such as water-based ink or weak solvent ink. If it is UV curing ink, pay attention to the light-proof preservation of the ink.

3. Correctly mark and add each color ink, do not add the wrong color and use mixed ink.

4. When adding ink to the ink cartridge or ink supply system, you can use the ink filling funnel or the relevant ink filling tube to add ink to avoid accidentally spilling ink when adding ink directly.

5. In the print output work of the uv flatbed printer, pay attention to and pay attention to the ink volume of the ink cartridge of the uv flatbed printer at any time, so as to avoid the ink volume of the uv flatbed printer being too low and the print head of the uv flatbed printer to be empty; if the ink volume in the ink cartridge is too low , It is necessary to add ink to the uv flatbed printer in time. Usually, the ink cartridge capacity of the uv flatbed printer is about 500ml. Please be careful not to overfill the ink. For example, do not let the ink volume exceed 400ml (about 80% full) or less than 50ml (about 10% full). For mass printing or other high-speed printing, the ink volume should not exceed 300ml (about 60% full).

The addition of ink for uv flatbed printers should be careful, and this simple and important ink filling operation should be treated correctly. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message and communicate. For more information on small uv printer price and uv label printing machine, please pay attention to Nocai – your most trusted original uv metal printing machine manufacturer, Weekly updated UV flatbed printer content ~wholesale, manufacturer, supplier.

Why do the same equipment and the same print head, some users’ uv digital printing machine print heads can be used for a long time, while some users’ print heads are always replaced frequently? The most important thing is whether the user’s daily protection and maintenance of the print head is in place. If the print head of the printer has a long service life and is always in the best working condition, these daily protection and maintenance work cannot be less.

1. Use certified ink: use well-known or big-name ink, and use ink with strong versatility.

2. Machine placement problem:

Temperature and humidity: Adjust the temperature and humidity according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual. It should be noted that if the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the ink will increase, the fluency will be weakened, the pictures will not be printed or the ink will be broken! If the humidity is too high and the environment is too dry, the ink in the print head is easy to dry up.

3. Light: It is common knowledge that UV ink is cured when exposed to ultraviolet light. When the print head and ink tube are exposed to strong ultraviolet light, it is easy to cause plugging.

4. The place where the environment is dusty : If the place where the place is placed, the surrounding environment is dusty , it may cause the dust to enter the ink and stick to the nozzle, resulting in plugging!


5. How to maintain during vacation:

a. Before shutting down, print the nozzle status test and keep the sample comparison.

b. After normal, put a small amount of cleaning liquid in the ink pad, return the ink car, and shut down the power supply.


c. What are the misunderstandings when cleaning the nozzle?

d. Refilling different batches of ink at will after cleaning, or ink of unsatisfactory quality will affect the printing effect and block the nozzle;

e.  Clean the nozzles vigorously with high pressure air;

f.  Soak the entire nozzle in the cleaning solution for a long time;

g.  Use self-provided products without quality inspection to clean the nozzles;

h.  Not paying attention to protecting circuit boards and other internal systems during cleaning.

i. Install and disassemble the circuit of the UV flatbed printer at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior can damage the service life of each system and endanger the UV flatbed printer print head.


Here,we would like to remind everyone to pay attention to the daily maintenance of UV printer print head and to take care of their own machines. Only by paying attention to detailed maintenance can we avoid some machine failures and prolong the service life of the printer. Dear friends, how do you maintain the printer print head? Welcome to leave a message below the article to participate in the discussion! If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message to communicate. For more information on uv flex printing machine, please pay attention to Nocai – your most trusted manufacturer of original uv digital flatbed printing machine, updated weekly UV flatbed printer content.

What Should Be Paid Attention To In UV Bronzing Process ?

In recent years, the UV bronzing market has become increasingly hot. Compared with the traditional post-press process, the UV bronzing process has more obvious synergistic advantages. Hot stamping is a printing decoration process. The metal plate is heated, foil is applied, and gold text or patterns are embossed on the print. Play a finishing touch, highlight the role of the design theme, especially for trademarks and registered names, the effect is more significant.

UV bronzing can meet the requirements of customers and consumers for personalized bronzing. The UV bronzing process of bronzing paper includes two types: hot stamping before printing and stamping after hot stamping. After hot stamping and then printing, it is necessary to pre-print the pictures and texts by UV, and then cover the hot stamping paper with the base film, press and then peel off to complete the hot stamping. Finally, other pattern printing that does not require bronzing is completed. First printing and then hot stamping is to print pictures and texts in advance by offset printing or UV printing.

Advantages of UV Bronzing Process Are Mainly Reflected In Two Aspects:

1. Flexible And Changeable

UV printing is well known by more and more people due to its lack of plate making, variable flexibility, and continuous improvement in printing speed and format. It is precisely because of the variability of the UV process that it can provide customers with multiple operational solutions at one time, saving customers a lot of finalization time and proofing costs. After adding the bronzing process, it can meet more personalized needs of customers, realize short-run printing, and reduce inventory pressure for customers.

2. Diverse Processes Add Value To Products

The UV bronzing process can realize the superimposed application of various post-press processes, which is difficult to achieve in the traditional process. The emergence of the UV bronzing process just makes up for this shortcoming, allowing the product to have more possibilities and create greater value.

UV bronzing process needs to know these 5 skills:

1. Understand the substrate of the product. The bronzing substrate plays a decisive role in the bronzing paper. The commonly used bronzing substrates are ABS, PP, PVC, paper, wood, leather, etc.;

2. Grasp the size of the bronzing area;

3. According to the speed of hot stamping, you can choose automatic high-speed machine, semi-automatic machine or manual machine for hot stamping;

4. Find out whether the product is used indoors or outdoors. Products used outdoors usually have higher requirements for bronzing;

5. Finally, choose the brightness and color of the bronzing paper。

If you have any questions or want to know more information, please leave a message and communicate. For more uv flatbed printing machine and flat bed printing machine price information, please pay attention to Nocai – your most reliable original uv flatbed printer supplier manufacturer , weekly updated UV flatbed printer content.

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    Make Profits In UV Printing Machine And Maintain UV Printer Either
    Make Profits In UV Printing Machine And Maintain UV Printer Either

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