how does a uv printer work

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  (how does a uv printer work)A UV printer is a machine that uses ultraviolet light-curing ink technology to print on a variety of materials. It has the advantages of high resolution, fast drying, etc., and is suitable for various advertising, furniture, ceramics and other industries. So today let’s take a look at how the UV printer works.

  First of all, the UV printer needs to have corresponding design software to import the image to be printed into the printer. This image is then converted into a code that the printer understands and sent internally. Next, the printer will begin preparing the ink and substrate.

  Second is to apply the primer. At this point, the printer will apply a clear primer to the surface of the substrate to ensure that the ink will bond properly to the substrate. Primers also increase image quality and brightness of printed colors.

  Third is ink jetting. Before the primer has been filled, the nozzle of the printer will automatically aim at the desired position to spray ink. The printer sprays the ink evenly onto the substrate in the form of fine water droplets. The ink used in UV printers is a special ink that contains photosensitive and thinners. When the ink is sprayed onto the substrate, the built-in UV lamp emits ultraviolet rays immediately, so that the photosensitive agent in the ink can be quickly cured.

  Finally, after curing with UV light, the image can be considered complete. Subsequent production or processing can be carried out immediately without waiting time for drying.

  Generally speaking, the biggest advantage of UV printers in the printing process is that they can dry quickly in a short time, so as to achieve higher efficiency and production capacity. Of course, when operating according to actual needs, attention should be paid to eye protection, skin protection and other safety measures to ensure the safety and stability of the production process.

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    how does a uv printer work
    how does a uv printer work

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